Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am feeling slight weakness/ fever/ running nose.
I am hoping to be back in pink of health soon.
I am still experimenting with bus routes, with Kanjur Marg being currently on my list.
One more ‘Brahmakamal’ flower blossomed yesterday night.
Last two days my locality has seen frequent power cuts at the most inappropriate time.
One of my colleagues Vishram came wearing shades to office, mind you not to showoff, but to protect his eyes, which are recovering from an infection.
In last two months I have come across literature which has pointed to a big problem.
A problem which is simple, and easy to address, but becomes complicated due to ego.
It is very simple; a husband ignores his wife, because he is busy with work.
The little time at home is also spent doing work. It’s especially the case of high position executives. His explanation is he does it all for family. Her reasoning, all she wants is little time with him, his love. Eventually the distance widens, and word like infidelity and divorce spring up. A situation which could have been sorted out with a little chat is made to look like an unsolvable calculus equation. I hope you all readers never let anything of that sort happen to you.
News of the day:-
Good: Managed to write a tricky SQL stored procedure.
Bad: I think I have fever.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Most of the times it is not there, but once in a while it does creep in.
Fear of eventuality, eventual death.
Practically, it is easy to get over it, considering we really can’t change eventuality.
But frail human emotions are not easy to subdue.
Still if the fear arises, tell yourself that, one should just put things behind, and go about their lives. Because some things in life are just meant to happen the way they happen.

Left blank in memory of an uncle, whom I admired a lot.

another short one

An uncle whom I admired quite a lot unfortunately passed away, so I didn’t go to work yesterday.
And in his loving memory I will leave the next post; blank.

Tuesdays Post

There has been no update since Friday.
I have been busy!
Even now, I am so busy that I will have to make do with a small update.
So, in short, my two wheeler learner’s license is ready and will get the full license in about a month. Now I need a bike to complete the picture.
And which one have I chosen? It’s nicknamed ‘The Phantom’
I will disclose more about that that when I book it, till then no comments.
On Sunday, did some shopping (clothes, games, music) at fort (CST).
But before shopping I went for my first MCA lecture, and it was very disappointing.
The guy who had come to teach computer networks was not a good teacher.
With the sole motive of completing the syllabus, he went though as if he was only turning pages. So that means no more MCA lectures for me.
Monday was as usual, nothing great.
Better and comprehensive posts soon.

News of the day:
Good: My first bike: ‘The Phantom’ is closer to reality.
Bad: The new version of Hero Honda CBZ, called CBZ extreme sucks in terms of looks.