Thursday, November 16, 2006


There are times when things don’t start well, but end on a much satisfactory note.
Monday was such a day, the trains ran a bit late, but I still managed to reach office on time.
Tuesday trains continued to be late, but this time they were late in the evening.
While Wednesday was a very lucky day in terms that I got a place to sit from Bhandup itself.
*Health tips:
People who ate two or more servings of fish a week reduced their risk for dementia by 39%.
Now that we have dual-core microprocessors, we will soon see quad-core (4) chips from Intel soon.
Google will soon complete its $1.65 billion worth of gobble!
Did you know that the first single-chip microprocessor was from Intel, it was called 4004, and it was launched in 1971, on 15th November?
Sony PS3 is out!!!! Will it ovetake Xbox-360 in terms of sales? Time will tell.
The same goes for Zune portable music player from Microsoft, a competitor for iPod, it is going to have a tough time beating the market leader.
So that wraps up the news bit.
A bit of fashion, scarves seems to be an *in* thing in fashion among women, especially with chilly mornings being the norm.
Thats all!!!!! more time is luxury for me,,,,,,
one stupid shayari by me
..hum nahi hai kaatil hum hai lootere
....phir bhi log kahe kiya hai jurm
...chura liya humne kissi ka dil...

Monday, November 13, 2006


Monday starts off as usual, uninterestingly.
Work is going on fine.
MCA assignment submission date has been postponed and set to 2nd December, giving me time to finish it off, as 40% of them are still remaining.
Winter has marked its arrival with dry skin, running nose, chattering teeth, etc. But the fact that it lasts only for a few hours in the morning, means its back to sweaty heat in the afternoon, surely it’s not as unbearably hot as it is in summer.
There is a canteen (huge one!!) on the SEEPZ campus; it’s called ICH or something.
I have been there twice, and the only thing that I don’t like about that place, that it allows smoking, and there are no separate areas designated for smokers. What the hell, I don’t mind staying hungry, but I do mind getting killed by smoke emitted by suicidal idiots.
Come on, guys if you really want to get a real *high*, do something exciting, some hell crazy stunt, smoking is so wimpy.
Hero Honda CBZ X-treme has been nominated as bike enthusiast’s delight by a magazine Bike India, i.e. if you can adjust with its directionless design.
That is all for now,
A really short post, from a very busy kid.
Ta Ta…..horn ok please!!!!