Saturday, June 06, 2009

food and stuff

I don't what it is. But I just love the masala flavoured banana chips.
I know its the taste, but it is unique, not found in any other packet.
Mind you! it is not a global brand either. They taste is just yummmm.
And talking of yummm. Lunch at Ozone restraunt in Hotel Heavens was just the kind of food, that is worth the money.
From the starters to dessert, everything was just perfect. Except ignoring the Malwani Fish Curry, which was not even an inch the way we (malwani) make it. Still the food was filling and good and since lunch was sponsored by company food tasted even better.
And I finally tasted vanilla icecream+gulab jamun. It tastes very well. I loved it.
"The Wound" is healing better now, is it because of honey which is said to speed up the healing process.
I am still waiting for the rains to arrive and drench us in monsoon glory, something my wound would not like, as it prefers to run like a dry state. "The wound" does not ache much, and has nearly dried up. And that is the reason why the bandage keeps sliding down. So I have to make sure I don't bend my leg too much, or else it may slip and woud my get exposed. And walking with a limp is not a easy thing to do, as my poor left leg has to take all the weight.
So that is "The Wound" story. And the effect is that Road-Runner (my bike) is getting much deserved rest.
Today ! no power cut!! yeaahh!! hurray!!
Ok. more some other day!! adios!! amigoes!