Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lots of less time... maybe I should be less lazy.....

I saw hindi movie yuuvraj, it is a fine movie, too many songs and slow pace, Salman khan was better, Anil Kapoor was great, Mithun-da was solid, Katrina was sweet, dialogues average, emotional content not overdone.

I saw Star Wars and Jet Li movies (DVD) this weekend, enjoyed them too.
May the force be with you.

Change of my callertune, from rock anthems to bollywood love songs has spunked many, but what can I say it, that is what happens to a ""un amante"" (Spanish).

Winter is not yet back, it was false alarm, the warmth is still there without the chills.

My cousin Pankaj is planning to buy a Royal Enfield Bullet bike, isn't that cool!
My love for Road-Runner(my bike) is rivaled only by my love for her and my family. Still a bullet is a special bike, a bike that I will never buy, but would always want to ride it.

One of our ex-colleagues, Patricia came to visit us, she bought those expensive chocolates that are very bitter to taste, (yuck!!), give me a chocolate bar like (snikers, mr. big, crackle, five star) and I am happy. My crieria for chocolates is simple.
They should have mix of chocolate/caramel/raisins/nuts!! thats all!!

I have stopped drinking masala soda so my bowel movement should normalize soon enough.

I got two new books, one small book about Sambhaji and other about Vivekananda's teachings.
One is with Mahendra Hasabe and the other is with her. So I have no choice but to read one book which I haven't touched yet, Holocraft Covenant by Robert Ludlum. Lets see how that works out.

Thats all for now, no time to proof read, Sameeta wants to surf the net, so I need to log off and surf my dreams (maybe about her).

Adios my dear readers!!!