Sunday, December 05, 2010

Back from a sabbatical

I have been staring at the PC screen, yet I am unable to think of a better starting line for this post. I guess I have to continue typing and see where this goes. Because someone once said, its not about the destination, but about the journey, that you should be enjoying.

Talking of journey, a short bike ride of 200 odd kms got canceled at the final moment, disturbing my mood for the weekend. But since my sister is back from Pune on break from here studies, weekend will be more tolerable. 

What I cannot tolerate is one office colleague calling SRK "bakwas actor". Now I am not claiming he is best actor in the whole world, he surely isn't the worst. Talking of movies, I hope at least one Akshay Kumar works, as I am starting to feel sympathetic towards his flopping movies. Yet I have no sympathy for Abhishek Bachchan who continues to work in one flop after another. 

What isn't remotely flop is Harry Potter and deathly hallow  Part 1. I really loved this movie a lot, and I am eager to watch the 2nd part. I really love the way in which director's interpret a book. It is not always same as the book, but its surely entertaining. 

Well, I have no idea how I have been able to type all these lines. Because I have got what people could call a blogger's block. I am just not able to write a invigorating blog post. And talking about refreshing, it is refreshing to know that Arsenal are back to winning ways. 

But the climate here has gone bonkers, it rains one any day without warning. Its so bad, people are calling it London weather. But the mood for me right now is French. Oh, yes ! I am mesmerized by Carla Bruni.