Saturday, June 20, 2009

rain and some more

Yeah!!!! it rained!!!
It rained scantily for a few hours yesterday, it was not substantial rainfall, but its a fine start.
I went out for a long walk and walking in the drizzle, was such a nice experience.
But today it is back to blue skies and warm sun. So question is, has monsoon really arrived or was that just a trailer of the monsoon movie?
Arsenal have signed Thomas Vermaelen, a defender that this team badly needed. No other defender should leave Arsenal, or else there won't be healthy competition in the team, and there would be dearth of backup in case of injuries. But I suspect William Gallas may leave.
Just bought myself rainy season footwear. I prefer shoes to sandals/floaters. Because I hate getting dirt/mud on my feet, and heel of these are small so pants/jeans get soiled easily. But problem with leather shoes is that they are ruined in the rain. Shoes made of fabric may dry quicker but don't look good on trousers. And all season shoes don't let water but that makes it difficult to dry them if water comes in, which eventually leads to stinking shoes, which can be kept under control by putting fragrant talcum powder. Still that is not a good option. So I went in for a kind of hybrid.
It has got good features.
Its material is soft, not skin-cutting rubber that you can see in "BATA" rainy shoes.
It has got decent high heel(men point of view), so the ends of pants/jeans don't get soiled easily.
It doesn't slip easily on ..... well.... slippery surfaces..... Now the front is not entirely covered, but is better than fully open toed ones. Still little bid muck is sure to splash on my toes so I am anyway going to wear socks. (not sure about that as they may stink!!!)
So it seems to have best of both worlds.
Lets see if I love it or not. And it would be answered in a few months.
Other than footwear especially for rains, I use a rain jacket and a umbrella for very heavy rains. And yes a Rs.50 waterproof (non-fabric) cap.
Well that takes care of rain-wear but where are the rains!!!!
Bring It On!!!!!