Friday, April 07, 2006

The attack of the pigeons? Not Really!!

I love wildlife. I love birds.
But in spite of that, I hate pigeons.
Let us look at how it all began.
Pigeons and I never crossed each other path (not just because they could fly and I couldn’t).
I never liked pigeons; they make some of the most irritating sounds. They seem so heavy when they fly, and all they want to do is mating.
They are fearless and stubborn too.
Trying to shoo them away is a huge effort, with passing time they are no more afraid of you.
The fact that they leave stink and shit in all the wrong places doesn’t make things better.
And now they decided to plough into my territory.
Basically they decided to build a nest below our kitchen window.
Refer to figure to understand.

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Bird flu, stinky shitty mess, irritating sounds all added to my resolution to remove that nest from that place.
But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sum the courage to sweep the nest away because the nest had an egg.
Eventually I did sweep out the nest, but till then the pigeons seem to have made that place their home, and these pigeons invited more pigeons.
Now things are under control, I managed to shoo them all away successfully after a lot of effort, still they visit once or twice.

Disclaimer: No birds were harmed,
they were just shoo’ed away. He He He He!!!!!

5th and 6th April.

It is so amazing, sometimes its paucity of time that prevents you from doing some interesting things, and when we have got all the time in the world, we end up doing nothing.

And that is what has happened to me in these two days, just managed to do nothing constructive. Unless, playing PC games, watching TV, riding my bicycle, surfing internet, sleeping, count as constructive work.

I did try to complete journal work, but couldn’t complete it.

Just yesterday I heard this show on FM, they were asking people to call in and talk about movies whose ending they would like to change.

Many people were saying that Leonardo DiCaprio shouldn’t have died in the end.

Then a whacked idea crashed into the doors of my mind.

I thought we could give it an interesting twist which could be handled by James Cameroon, the way he handled T2.

What could be done is when Leo drowns; his mutant like abilities of being able to survive underwater get expressed and so he becomes a mutant and then saves everyone. He not only survives underwater but also controls water, so we can call him The Aquaboy!!!!

Then we can have a sequel > The Famous Adventures of Aquaboy.