Saturday, March 12, 2011

waved away

i dont want to know what happened

always I run away as they tell me

as if the length of hope is shortened

I drift away through passing life

insensitive is what they think Iam

but my feeling for feelings is there

the tiff that made me stay away

as loved ones were waved away

as I hiked up the mountains

with bottled up rage

even sage couldn't put sense in me

but all it took was a wave

radio cracked of quake news

and of reports of tsunami wave

name of my town ringed in ear

I stumbled down the hill in fear

realization of being late came soon

never could I forget the noon

if I had stayed back with them

throwing away my egoisitc rage

I wouldnt have saved them

but with tears in eyes cuddled them

p.s. This is a ficional account of a guy who is the only one from his family to have survived as a tsunami crashed onto his hometown