Friday, April 29, 2011

Thor Movie Review

Thor (2011) movie review

Thor kicks ass!!
It is following type of movie:-
"Total Value For Money"
"Please don't end"
"We want more"
Excellent acting and superb casting.
Plot is simple, yet explains the concept of Thor.

It grips you from start to end, leaving you satisfied yet yearning for more.
Dialogues don't have "action movie" one liners. But they are good enough for chuckles and smirks.

Action scenes are well done. Sound effects and overall effects are top quality.
3d is fun, 2d won't be much of a loss.

Old man Anthony Hopkins is still commanding.

Yet it is Chris Hemsworth who steals the show, he is perfect as "Thor", thats the end of it.

Natalie Portman is so perfect in her role, that she ceases to be actor and more the character she is playing.

Stellan SkarsgÄrd,

Tom Hiddleston,

and remaining cast blend perfectly into Thor and his universe.

The beauty of this movie is, that you don't need to really know much about "Thor" and his background. It is very well covered here, but sprinkled with action and drama so that it doesn't end up being a historic documentary.
I would say don't miss this if you like fantasy/action/adventure films, and even if you don't you won't mind it.

Special note to Trivia hunters:-
Similar to the Iron Man 2 movie, at the end of credits roll there is small sneak-peak into 2012 scheduled release movie called "The Avengers". So wait till the end.
Oh Yeah! Also please don't miss Stan Lee in his usual cameo role.