Sunday, June 22, 2008

story so far

Yesterday was my MCA project viva; and it went very well considering my preparations.

But this viva ruined our plan to visit Raigad Fort.

So now I am left with Semester 6 exams to deal with which are coming up on 17 July. Of course my preparations have begun; I have managed to place the book on my table and have been intending to read them since last few weeks

So now that studies are coming up, I can’t read the book that I have left incomplete>> The Rhinemann Exchange by Robert Ludlum.

Musically I have been listening to a lot Of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. They are masters of guitar. They don’t need words to sing a song; they let their guitars do the talking.

Last weekend I met some of junior college friends, it was great to meet them all together after a long time. It was nice to laugh about the things that we did back then. The chicks, the professors, etc. We met at Pop Tate's who make some of the best pizzaz's for such a low price. On the downside the place is full of smokers, which pisses me off, since the food is very good. But for a guy like me who doesn't smoke or drink, it is just not right.

Anyway thats the story so far, I will try to update regularly but can't promise.

one more more .. mini movie review >> The Incredible Hulk.

And just yesterday I saw >> The Incredible Hulk.

This movie crashed all my expectations. After watching the Eric Bana starrer earlier edition I was expecting even this movie to be only a CG-fest, but this movie easily moves into the league of Spiderman Series. It is a very well executed movie; it is hallmarked by the performance of the lead actor (Edward Norton) and the villain. Even though others did their job with conviction, it was these two who acted absolutely the way we expected their characters to behave. Watch it if you never liked The Hulk, and maybe you will change your opinion. And for other action movie junkies like me, don’t miss it. The action sequences in this movie are mind blowing. There is a surprise at the end of this movie that some comic book fans will love. Watch it. And Liv Tyler is as usual enchanting.

mini movie reviews continue >> Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull

Then I saw this movie; Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull.

It was a very good movie. The script may not be the best one out there, but the adventure element will keep you glued to your seats. The cast is brilliant, and make this movie thoroughly enjoyable. In spite of being the fourth movie in the Indiana Jones series, it is not necessary to have watched the earlier movies to really enjoy this movie. Don’t miss it if you like action and adventure. Harrison Ford belies his age in this movie, and Shia put in a performance I didn't expect him to. Don't miss it for jonsey!

Mini Movie Reviews >> De Dhakka.

A few weekends back I saw the marathi movie; De Dhakka.

It is a very entertaining movie with a mix of emotion, drama, and comedy.

The movie has been almost completely lifted from the Hollywood movie; Little Miss Sunshine. In spite of this movie being completely copied, it is very well made, and the acting by all characters is very much in character. Watch it with you family.