Saturday, June 04, 2011

Reviews n all

Kung Fu Panda 2 (movie review):-

Absolutely stunning, prolific, funny, stellar movie....and I could go on.
Rich script, gripping plot, and terrific dialogues.
Brilliant voice-overs.
Worthy of the tag 3-D, as it was superb 3-D animation.
Animation standards are not just high, but also a mixture of different styles.
Keeps the spirit of the first movie, and yet reaches another level of awesomeness.
I just don't see any reason why anyone should not watch this movie.
It is one of those rare sequels that does better than the first.
This non-stop rollicking action is so thrilling that we couldn't even finish the popcorn.
Watch it in 3-D and be enthralled.

Ready Movie Review :-

Its part Dabaang, its part Wanted, and its completely Salman Khan.
Other actors try this kind of movie, only Salman Khan gets it right and pulls the crowd.
After a long time I found out that it was difficult to get first day movie tickets, that is the magic of Salman Khan.
Movie has not plot. I think after making the movie, the makers felt happy that didn't require any script.
Still the dialogues will induce laughs/claps for either being witty or silly.
Movie moves along at good enough pace, with a sprinkling of decent/ridiculous songs, and one item song.
Casting is good. All other actors have been well chosen and nearly don't overact, which is reassuring.
It can be called entertainment, it can be called fun,yet you may not watch it twice, and if you do, it means you like Salman Khan.
Oh! did I mention Salmaan Khan rules in it.