Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A-Z tag ... tried every line from A-Z ...

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This tag is called the A-Z tag, here goes:

1) A – Available/Single?
Single. but its expensive to mingle!!

2) B – Best friend?
Not one, not all, but a few.

3) C – Cake or Pie?
Cake, with lots of cream and chocolate

4) D – Drink of choice?
Water or Thumbs Up (fizz drink)

5) E – Essential item you use every day?
Cellphone, watch, hair cream, deo.

6) F – Favorite colour?
All colours, soft spot for white/green but blue/red/black are next fave.

7) G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?
Gummy Bear

8) H – Hometown?

9) I – Indulgence?
Pani Puri or any chinese soup

10) J – January or February?
Neither ...very cold months...

11) K – Kids & their names?
Got no kids but like these names, Abhimanyu or Ranveer and Madhura or Preeti

12) L – Life is incomplete without?
Friends, family, newspapers, book, PC, cellphone, TV, FOOD

13) M – Marriage date?
near future??? scarY!!!

14) N – Name? Your real name!!
my name is not know to all,

15) O – Oranges or Apples?
Apple... Orange.... uhhhh...both

16) P – Phobias/Fears?
in the past, a mix of slight claustrophobia and slight fear of heights....nowadays i fear myself

17) Q – Quote for today?
Never give up and never stop believing

18) R – Reason to smile?
Never need a reason

19) S – Season?
Summer and Monsoon

20) T – Tag 3 People?
Tasha, Sameeta, "High Spot"

21) U – Unknown fact about me?
I dream a lot

22) V – Vegetable you don't like?

23) W – Worst habit?

24) X – X-rays?
Once. When I swallowed a broken teeth.

25) Y – Your favorite food?
Lots of, but something I won't mind having everyday... then.. it is chapati and usal (pulses with spicy gravy)

26) Z – Zodiac sign?
Leo, compatibility with Aries was a bit too fiery so maybe next time it will be Sagittarius.

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