Wednesday, August 04, 2010

when are you marrying

I see them everywhere
they are called happily married
together they find happiness
separated they are lonely
it scares me to the bone
I never knew I was paranoid
when people ask me many times
when are you tying the knot
I wonder if they seek my smile
or want to join them in pain
as they realized the bindings
of a clich├ęd heavenly match
for me its not a matter of hate
maybe it can be termed as fear
of being ruled by a tyrant
it may seem I am demonizing
a nice prospective bride
but once crowned wife
she will be lord of my life
laying down rules day-to-day
list of chores that overflows
sharing sovereign couch
conceding TV remote
and then watch in horror
as dark days descend on me
and filled with sarcasm
will run around asking
my friends when they marrying

p.s. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What I am doing, when I am not working

Nowadays I am too busy. Ok, not in the truest sense. But yeah, in a way. So I am busy watching Star Wars. Not one movie, all the 6 movies. Since I don't have luxury of time. I have only finished watching 3. So more to come. I have seen all the movies earlier, but I love Star Wars, so I am watching again.
This movie marathon has begun after I watched the "Alien" quadrology (4, out of which 2 are best).

Maybe I will put some reviews later, but not for now.

Oh! yes, one more thing, I am trying to see if I like any shows on Animax channel, but it is very difficult. Only one I saw was InuYasha, which wasn't exactly cool. Any tips for better shows on Animax.

So that's the movie/TV part, in music I am out of the contemporary music mode, and diving straight into 80's music, I agree KISS are not best of its era, but. I like their songs. After KISS, it will be Doors.

So take care guys, will be back with some decent post and not one-liner post like this.

This is Sankoo-Skywalker signing off. May the force be with you.