Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a quickie!!!

My bike's horn is being controlled by some voodoo magic!!!
Ok! that is overstating facts but it is still quite close.
The problem is that there is a little spring in the horn switch, and that is broken (I think!).
So the horn honks on its own, or sometimes when it is pressed, it remains there and keeps honking. So eventually I have to manually (using my fingers!) put the horn switch in its off state.
I know I need to fix it, but don't have time to go to service center until this weekend.

When is friday coming???
Plan to Raigad fort will friutify only on friday! damn! I haven't even planned anything.....
fingers crossed !!! because you never know when some badass reason ruins the plan!!!

thats all for now..more coming soon...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mini Movie Reviews:- Speed Racer and Iron Man

Last weekend was movie mania!

On Saturday I watched Speed Racer and on Sunday I watched Iron Man.

Speed Racer is a movie made for kids which can be enjoyed by adults too.

Of course your love for comics and cars would make you enjoy it even more.

And if you are a Speed Racer fan like me, then it’s going to be lots of fun.

The movie maybe a bit formulaic like how good eventually wins over evil. And you are also taught lessons like family are very important etc. In spite of all this the movie is entertaining, thanks to the Wachowski Brothers (The makers of Matrix) touch! Racing scenes, sound effects and other effects are nicely done. Slick editing, nice camerawork no out of place and over the top characters make it a fun flick. Don’t miss it if you like racing! It’s not formula one kind of racing but nevertheless it’s fast!

A movie like Iron Man should have had more publicity than it was really given. Robert Downing Jr. carries the film on his shoulders admirably. Make no mistake; it’s not a one man show. Every character has done commendable job. But it’s Robert who has made Iron Man one of my favourite technologically augmented superheroes (like batman) who don’t have special powers as such. In terms of bad guys, the movie could have delved deeper into the villain’s psyche but the job done by the bad guys is still commendable.

Like some of the good movies it has got it all, good action scenes, superb sound effects, sharp editing and some nifty cinematography, all in all a mind blowing experience. Iron Man is a much underestimated movie, so I say watch it and get entertained beyond expectations.