Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another weekend gone by

Another weekend gone by. It was neither great nor bad.
It would have been great had we not watched the movie Race.
I don't like writing reviews of movies that I don't like.
And Race is a stupid movie which I didn't like.
This post should have come on Monday, but....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dreams that motivate!

I don't know how to put it.
I know that I have the ability to handle any task.
But today I realized I still got a lot to learn.
I am not a fan of my Team Leader, but I respect her.
Though she looses her temper sometimes, she has this brilliant ability to handle any problem of our

Its not that I cannot handle them, but she does it in a cool manner.
Maybe its due to the fact that she has spent more time on this project,
but so have I, which is of course less than her,
but still I have!...
Then I realized that,
maybe I am not ready for it yet.
like they say to swimmer..you need more practice..more time in water..
so moral is...my goal of Team Leader is not far..but not really close yet..
but the dream of becoming a CTO one day...is something I won't give up..
become Team lead,
then project lead,
then project manager,
then IT manager,
then CTO...or something like that..
big dreams....
if I achieve half of them..
I would be happy...
thats why I won't get into MBA craze....
I want to become master of this field...
thats my take on it...I want to be a technology expert...
someone who will never become obsolete as long as technology exists!!