Tuesday, December 30, 2008

should have posted this earlier

Technically I can't call this post, movie review, as I haven't seen the complete movie.
First of all, I missed the initial 20 minutes of the movie, then I also missed 20 minutes of the movie after intermission. Still whatever little I saw of this movie, I came back touched.
Shah Rukh Khan is my favourite bollywood star and one of my favourite actors.
And he was stunning/brilliant/impressive/superb in this movie. Vinay Pathak was also great, as he added a new character, albeit a different one to his variety filled character list.
The new actress is a good dancer, but her acting is not up to the mark, especially with King Khan around. Though she tries hard, with emotions showed by her, it is difficult to understand what exactly she is feeling.
I call such movies, typical bollywood movies, and I like such movies. They have it all, drama, emotion, comedy (stupid), style, extravagance and of course music. Movies like this, and OSO, yuvvraj among others, may not be super movies,  but they are what bollywood is known for. Even though there is more to chinese movies than martial arts, without martial arts I don't like Chinese movies. Similarly, what is a bollywood movie without the above mentioned formula. So you may have hollywood styled movies in bollywood, but I don't love them much, even if I enjoy them. Movies like Sangam are more bollywood defining than others. And I like these kind of bollywood movies.  Mind you, its not like I don't like other genre's, in reality I like to watch movies of all types. My love for hollywood movies is huge, but true-blue bollywood movies are lovable. And they are joy to watch even if they are less believable or lack a bit of creative level of hollywood movies. Its fine if filmmakers want to make breakthrough/world cinema level movies, but once in a while, it would be great they make a typical bollywood masala flick.