Saturday, November 05, 2005

Do YOu Smell What Rock The Cook Is Cooking

Well yesterday. after the movie ended, the power went off. What timing!!! Anyway, as I was sitting there with the remote in my hand, waiting for the power to come back. I thought about The Rock(The erstwhile WWF superstar) and his theme. I started mumbling, Do you smell what the Rock.......
Then a whacky idea struck me.
Here it it.
Someone thundered "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking......."
Rock said "I am cooking a dish?"
Then the thundering guy came to him.
He said, "Dude, I want you to prepare food, not a dish. Are you a dishmaker. I thought you were Rock the cook.
Rock said "You call me a cook?"
The guy said "Well, I wasn't the one, who, on arrival use to shout, Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?"
This got The Rock very angry.
The Rock told his security guard to shoot the stupid guy who thought he was a cook.
The guard politely replied to Rock, "I am supposed to protect you, not kill anyone, I am not your for hire assasin"
........................................Its incomplete, but will update as soon as I get some leads.

Rosh made my day

I was surfin today, and one a news page, I came across this advertisement banner.
The ad was about sun microsystems servers. The ad said, we know how hot and slow the other servers are, no wonder their name sounds like hell.
Clearly pointing to Dell Computers.
Wow keep pulling each others legs, I wonder what kind of ad wil Dell respond with.
Roshan(ROSH) was online to day, talked about the usual stuff. Then he told me even he had shifted to MTNL's triband(ADSL) connection. I welcomed him to the clan, as even I am part of it. Then he told me that MTNL had increased the monthly downloadable data limit from 400 to 700. I was filled up with immense happiness. I mean wihtout any increase in monthly charges, this is completely value for money. Then Rosh helped me to get a gmail account. So I am experimenting with gmail and their messenger(TALK), also under study is their desktop searching software(GoogleDesktop).
So Rosh made my day, by not only telling me about 700mb thing, but also for helping me create a gmail account. That isn't great, but it is quite good since my day was really boring.
Yesterday watched Born on 4th of July on Star Movies, it starred one of my faves;Tom Cruise. It was a very good movie(worth it!). I followed it up with Day After Tomorrow, not a great movie, but it does freak me out, since the things like global warming shown in the movie, don't seem far from reality. But one thing is sure, Ronal Emerich(He made Godzilla and this movie) likes to ruin New York City in his movies.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

So its been a long time.

I have not been busy but lazy.
I was just enjoying my vacations.
Many events occured in this time.
My study schedule is returning to normalcy.
My production management software project has moved in the positive direction.
I and JP decided to make a matrimonial site for our web project, this was suggested to us by Prof. Maurya's.
I am still playing championship manager 03/04, NFS underground.
I managed to lay my hands on Pro Evolution Soccer 4, a good game, but still difficult.
My Jr. College friend Manas bought a new bike, Hero Honda Karitzma, a fully loaded bike.
Well my dad owns Bajaj CT100 deluxe, a entry level bike, its my dad's first bike.
Went to my cousins house, there killed boredom by playing with my cousins 3 year old kid.
And also got myself a bootcut denim jeans.
One of my black shark fish(its what people call it) died, but we managed to find a replacement from the local store.
Sure it hurt a bit since its dead, but as usual I didn't cry.
My relationship with pooja ended, and on a parting note, I added a piece of my mind, and in the process ended up calling her a bitch. That made her loose her mind. Anyway it was the reality, so it doesn't bother me a bit. As she fucked my emotions royally. Though I said I would put that conversation here, I just said so to make her angry. The thing is that I don't want to waste the limited megabytes of broadband, on uploading stuff which is doesn't mean anything to me.
I got to know Tasha, though it was online. But I am sure of one thing, our line of thinking is very similar. I think she is a good candidate for being one of my best friends.
Then diwali days went by, as they usually do.
My NIIT project has reached stagnancy, and have no idea about when I am going to give my supplementry exam for semester 3 module test 2.
Also saw this cool japanese movie Zatoichi, awesome style of cinematography, enhanced by a humble ,yet splendid soundtrack.
That is how the days have gone by,
Frustration, happiness, sadness, ecstasy, lonliness have been the hallmark of these days.