Friday, May 02, 2008

Tashan Ve ! Tashan Ve ! ..........

Movies have hallmarked my last two weekends. While the last weekend saw me enjoying Tashan, the weekend before that, saw me being left spell-bound by the magic of the huge Imax Dome Theater experience. Watching the excellent movie Transformers (I am fan of transformers since childhood!) On the large screen was fun.

Here is a mini review of Tashan.

Watching Tashan was fun with friends, but it’s not at all a great movie. You will find too many faults with it. But if you want to watch something that doesn’t involve using you brain and just want to chill-out with you friends, then Tashan is a good experience. Of course this film will not be digested by all, but here are a few reasons as to why you should watch Tashan.

Watch Tashan if you agree with any of the following?

>You are Akshay Kumar fan

>You are Anil Kapoor fan

>You are Saif-Kareena fan

>You like watching skinny bikini clad kareena

>You like movie’s with loads of style (ishtyle)

>You like lots of crazy(logic-less) stunts in movies

>You like stylish dialogues, the kind that you can’t say all the time in your normal life, but still they are damn cool.

>You don’t like to use your brain while watching movies, because this movie doesn’t have too much logic. Anyway we don’t always like movies that makes us think,

sometimes it’s just

>> Sun Yaar Chill Maar

>You think Akshay Kumar rocks!

Tashan Ve!!!

Last weekend was also quite special, because I may have come on live television.

The reason being, I had gone to D. Y. Patil stadium, Nerul for IPL cricket match between Mumbai Indians and Hyderabad Deccan Chargers on 27th April 2008.

I had gone there with some of my best friends and we enjoyed cheering throughout the two innings

I am not a fan of cricket, I watch it sometimes, I like the statistics, but I am not crazy about it.

The reason I went to see this match was to experience the dazzle of watching Live Cricket Match involving international super stars. So among other cricketers who graced the pitch? I was able to see Afridi, Styris, Symmonds, RP Singh, Ashish Nehra very closely, while others I watched through binoculars! Although Mumbai lost it, Gilchrist’s explosive batting charged up the proceedings. It was an amazing experience. Now only other very important dream remains is to watch a football match involving Arsenal football club….LIVE at Emirates Stadium! Dream on!! That’s my last two weekends in a nutshell. Yes! One more thing, I just got a new cell phone for my sister, Sony Ericsson W200i (Review coming soon! Hopefully!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IPL Match -Mumbai vs Hyderabad

Cheering with my some of my best friends at D. Y. Patil stadium, nerul on 27 April 2008. I am second from right! ;-)