Thursday, May 21, 2009

Early Morning ramblings

Its early morning, and I am sipping tea. According to my schedule, it is time to do some light workout, but here I am typing a few lines. Anyway, its Friday, so if I don't get to workout today, I still have Saturday and Sunday. But I need to workout, not only to remain in shape, but also to have endurance for a trek to Torna Fort which is in planning stage. It is another tough fort, along with Rajgad.
Last two weeks were great that four birthdays were celebrated in our office which is a fun way to break monotony and eat yummy chocolate cakes.
And it finally rained. No, the monsoons haven't reached Mumbai early. They were just pre-monsoon showers. Last year it was weekend when that happened, but this time, I was riding back from office on my bike wearing leather jacket. I had to stop and remove the jacket, put other non-Wet-able items like cellphone in my bag, and then move on cautiously. Its very risky to ride a bike in first rains, as the chances of skidding are quite high (That is why I wear knee Armour). Now the wait is for the monsoons to begin in full flow.
Well, I would like to type more, but that would mean being late for work.
No! I can't be late today, lots of work to do.
Adios! Keep reading..... and I will keep posting

p.s. didn't proofread it so bear the grammatical mistakes