Tuesday, September 29, 2009

penned down

Here are contrasting thoughts going on in minds of individuals.
First one, wants to be with someone but cant
while the second one, is with someone but out of compulsion.
and the third one, is pleading his love to believe him

--First One's thoughts--

i need a moment of love..
i don't know what else...
but i need a moment of love..
nothing else would do....

a moment with her..
is better than nothing...
and not being near her...
is making me go mad...

--Second One's thoughts---

every time I am with her
feels like walking in darkness
there is no moment when I feel
that I am here with someone

like a shadow with her
still never really with her
furthur away are your hearts
even if we are holding hands
--Third One's thoughts---

believe me I am not lying today
i didn't lie any other day
i will keep my word
wont go break promises

doubts may cloud your mind
even caution for some time
but try to put worries away
and believe in what I say

.. (p.s. all thoughts are fictional visualizations are not representative of authors state of mind. )

thrilling rides

Hello everyone!
after a long time!!
Highlight of the weekend was visit to local fun-fair, where biggest attraction was the Ferris wheel. These fairs are mostly visited by local youths, middle or lower-middle class families and are not even a shadow as compared to big theme parks like Essel World. Still it was a welcome change for me, that shook me out of my dreary routine.
I sat in 4 rides, as they were the only challenging among other kiddie stuff. First was ferris wheel, which was a good warm-up, and set pace for thrill to follow. Second ride was a not ferris wheel but a ride which whirled in elliptical fashion, this was not much scary and even the height was not that "high", but it was placed close to trees, which initially made me paranoid about my legs hitting a tree branch.
Now after these two rides I had warmed up very well, and went towards a thing called "break dancer", I had not seen it in action as I was busy with other rides, so when I sat in it and was locked in, did I realize that it was going to be one funky ride. The cart was literally throwing me in all possible directions as other carts crisscrossed each other in colliding fashion and nearly missing each other.
As the ride came to a stop, I stumbled out of it, and stumbled into another ride which ended up being crazier than the third one. It was a small ferris wheel kind of structure, but difference was that the carts were different. There were like cages and one sat in a push-back seat fashion, clearly the cages were suspended(not fixed but rocking) from the arms of ferris wheel. Now as it started moving, the cages rocked forth and back, moving us in the same fashion. Now this may not be that exciting, but as speed
picked up, the pull-push began increasing in magnitude and at its top speed, we literally thrown out of our seats and pulled in our seats.
Description maybe sketchy, and ride is not even marginally scary as compared to other rides in bigger amusement parks, but it was worth the 20 bucks I spent (first ride cost me 25, second 15, then 25, last one 20).
In the end, the experience was thrilling and exhaustive because I sat in rides back to back, without any rests. And this has made me excited for a trip to Essel World, whenever it comes.