Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shine On... [mobile blogging]

Got this polish to shine my road-runner[my bike].

Monday, October 06, 2008

food and sleep

It is never good to begin the week on a sleepy note. But there are times when monday afternoon feels very sleepy. Well, blame it on the weekend then.
It is not very easy to follow some rules that I have set for myself.
Things like ordering maggi and sandwich in office, only once a week. This rule is to serve the dual purpose of saving money and not gaining weight. Mind you, I do eat enough and these items mentioned only give mental satisfaction as it is more of a psychological hunger. The other rule is to drink less aerated drinks. And drink fruit juice more frequently.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

good.... good... no no... no more ...good.

I know the title does not make sense....but still it is a title...
It was nice to meet her after a week, uhhh.. I mean to meet at last is nice, not meeting is not nice.
But she has exams so, .....
Dust storms, thunder storms, etc have visited our city, but thankfully ferocity has been low, so no need to worry.
Arsenal nearly lost against Sunderland because of wrong formation and tactics. A 1-1 draw just hides the fact that we could have lost.
Movie of the week would be ...actually there are two...
Fantastic 4 and Silver Surfer == very good compared to first one
Holiday == a very good movie
Well, those were the movie's of the week, with no cash, it is hard for me to go and see movie's in multiplexes, so (HBO, star movies, Pix, Zee studio) are my best pals.
Got my PC monitor's sparks problem fixed for 900 rupees,,, hmm... doesn't sound cheap....
The last week saw me work late in office due to some critical work, and...well .. nothing else is springing to my mind right I will just sign off...