Sunday, May 26, 2013

And I wonder

I do wonder, at times. But it isn't a wonder that I haven't been able to post a single post on my blog in  a long time. I could easily hide under the excuse of a busy married life. But that is not something I want to do. Its just that I wonder that why I didn't learn to drive a car. Now that I feel the need to buy a car, I first need to find time to learn one. As the need for car increases with passing time, I need to act fast. It isn't just driving that is missing among list of basic skills, swimming is also one that I have avoided learning. So these two skills are one that I need to learn, while Piano keyboard and Spanish langugage are skills I want to learn. And of course I have to do all the that continuing to do my basic duty as an employee/son/husband/brother/friend. Phew! That's not really huge, its quite common and many people achieve more in spite of all and more distractions. So I really need to gear up to make a difference in my life. To learn something that would keep me occupied in my retirement time. I know its many years away, but time really flies at times.