Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sure I can write! uhhh.. I hope so.... uhhh...

I am not sure what to post. Earlier a flash of creativity used to make me post something good. Nowadays my posts have become like Facebook updates. Of course, I can't deny that morning tea tastes good only when reading newspapers or facebook status updates.  

Its Sunday, and steaming/yummy poha is enticing me so I should try and post a bit faster. But its really difficult because I am still staring at this small plant on my desk and wondering what to write about.

Yesterday two wall lizards (tiny ones) waltzed into my sisters room, and she freaked out. Part of the reason for her "freaking out" is that once a lizard had fallen on her head. Well, I rushed in and had to ki.... (next part had to be censored because of risk of protests from PETA), as they were trying to hide into tiny gaps. 

So after such brutal assaults on these creatures I need to go and confess my sins to god and ask for forgiveness.

I have not yet recovered from the hangover of eating to many veg. cutlets yesterday and it is having adverse effects on my writing, I better stop.

Adios !!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been away from my blog as I was down with heat boils/skin rash due to summer heat.
Usually I don't face much problem due to summer heat, but there is always an exception when my habit of eating spicy and heat inducing foodstuff (non-veg) can make things worse.
Still anyway things are better now, and I am back.

In sports update, Arsenal are out of the title race sadly.
Mumbai Indians are in IPL finals which is good news.
In F1, Force India missed a chance to score points in Shanghai GP while Karun Chandok managed to finish the race. In the same race Hamilton came second while Vettel and Kubica were dissappointingly below in the standings.  

Now that I have missed watching "Green Zone". I am waiting for another action movie to reach the theaters.

Right now, Agile Methodologies And Extreme Programming is interesting me a lot, so I am reading up and hoping to implement it soon.