Tuesday, December 12, 2006

my first ride, bajaj pulsar 180 DTSI UG3

My bike arrived,
without papers(have them now) and temporary number(will get that on firday!),
just about a litre or two in the tank,
the bike was bought home by dads friend, as I was at office,
came home, took the cover off,
there it was,
all blue and black,
my biking experience is limited to my dads CT-100,
so as soon as I got the bike off the stand, I felt the weight difference.
sat on it,
felt different(compared to CT-100),
sloted the key in, the awesomely brilliant speedo came to life,
ok,,i was ready to roll,
fuel inlet set to ON,
now, I tried pressing the self start button,it wont do anything,
I was worried, then a few seconds later it struck me,
the EKS(engine kill switch), so I set it to ON,
with a pumping heart, I self started the bike,
it purred to life,nice sound,
raced it a bit(a bit only) to feel the beat of the engine,
started headlight, etc(it was a starry night),
slotted the 1st gear, what a difference,
no clunky sound like the CT-100, felt smoother,
went a few yards and stopped, braking was very confident,
then I spent almost a minute trying to find the neutral,
1st of all i had completely forgotten the changed 1-down and 4-up gearing system,
and not only that ,the gears being so smooth, while getting to neutral from 1st i ended up on 2nd

now i have got the old system out of my head and new system in,
havent raced/rode it much nor havent yet reached 4th gear(coz papers/RTO passing hadnt come

& i have only learners license),,will do that soon, and post my experience
so in all as a newbie rider,
I found gear smooth,
easy to read and brilliant speedo,
responsive throttle,
sleek clutch,
powerful brakes,
lights/horn and stuff is gr8,
it felt good when some kids who were busy admiring my bike ,say that one day they are gonna buy

a bike like this,
and by the way, prepared to be stared at , by everyone!!!!!
expect more and better reports of newbie experiences soon..
bye bye....got to go and get a helmet,,, and gloves,,

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My bike has arrived

My bike!!!!!!!!!!
ok....it arrived on monday itself,
but was lazy to post anything, sorry,
it is a blue Bajaj Pulsar 180....
its got digital speedometer and stuff...
more on that later....as I am very sleepy,
so more comprehensive post next time.
By the way,
the bus in which I was travelling to my office at Seepz, broke down at Gandhinagar,
so I had to catch a rickshaw (cost:Rs. 35),
my bikes gear system is super smooth...

Sunday, December 03, 2006


The next puzzle/quiz landed in my inbox,
check it, lifted straight from the mail, no changes in text.
male or female... Quick Eye Exam...
This will blow your mind...!
Just do it - don't cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try this its actually quite good.
But don't cheat!
Count the number of F's in the following text in
15 seconds:


Managed it?
Scroll down only after you have counted them!
How many?
Three? (You r definitely male!!!)
Wrong, there are six - no joke!
Read again!


The reasoning is further down...
The MALE brain cannot process the word "OF".
Incredible or what?
Anyone who counts all six F's on the first go has
a brain of a Female

I think the above thing is either load of rubbish,
or I really have got *a brain of a female*,
but then that too is load of rubbish.

An eventful Sunday is coming to an end.

The day’s event ended with fast city cycling.

Today successfully submitted Semester 2 and Semester 3 assignments, credit for semester 3 assignments should go to Deepa Mehtani for giving me most of the Sem 3 assignments.

Things seem to be working out fine, and soon I will be recieve my bike. Though I am yet to get my full license, I think I will have to manage with a learner’s license.

Friday was a physically stressful day, not because of my work, but because of the crowded buses. Standing on toes of one foot, and my back bent in some acute angle, my fingers stressing under the weight of my bag, and the bus rocking to and fro, my posture was more painful than any tough yoga posture. And my body was aching till Sunday morning.

I don’t want to talk much about the riots, I don’t think they were riots, they were terrorist acts. There is nothing people like us can do about that. Helpless!

The two large fishes (locally called shark fishes for the way they look) of my fish tank, have been transferred to my neighbor’s larger fish tank, good for them.

Arsenal dumped rivals Spurs 3-0, while India won its first 20-20 match, but then lost the 5th ODI.

I have unistalled all games from my machine, except CueClub. No! Not because of exams, but due to scarcity of free disk space.

Some *phaltu* jokes,

Q: Marriages are made in heaven, then what are made in Hell?
A: the days after marriage
Q: During Marriage ceremony why the bridegroom is is made to sit on the horse?
A: He is given his last chance to run away.

The human brain is most outstanding thing.......
it functions 24hrs 365 days.....
it functions right from the time u r Born.... until you fall in love

A note found in the sea of internet:-

Affinity Engines, a social networking service provider, filed a lawsuit against Google on May 25, 2004. The suit claims that Google's social network, Orkut, is using a source code that was stolen by Orkut Buyukkokten, an engineer previously employed by Affinity. The suit also alleges that Buyukkokten promised he would not develop a competing social-networking service when he left to join Google. Google has said the allegations are without merit.

Check this link to become safe orkut users:-
click me

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Ok…. I couldn’t find a better start to the post.

The start is about spectacles (glasses). And its prominence among young kids I have seen.

I don’t have any statistics to back this trend, but I am seeing more kids with specs than I had seen a decade back.

Anyone notice that?


What was that above…..it was static….like in FM radio…when my brain goes blank…

I am hungry, it as if a rock show is going on in my stomach.

But I will type on……………

Day, nothing type worthy.

Only news being, the number of Canadians at my workplace has gone up to two.

JP and I joked, saying that is what you call Insourcing.

After downloading a new game to my mobile, I am having bore-free bus journeys.

Currently I am playing *Why Chicken Why*, got it from Cellufun.com

It’s addictive, but without save game feature, but you won’t notice it.

Other game that I got was *Attack Paddle*, its fun too.

Damn! This cool stitched Raymond shirt that I got isn’t wrinkle resistant, so it does get a few wrinkles after reaching my office. But its colour is cool, and hell, its Raymond, its my favourite.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Short post.....

Good Evening Blog-reader!!!!!!!

The day began on a *late* note.

Got up late, and reached office late (partly due to traffic).

The fever which kept me out of action didn’t show any signs of a return.

But the combo of Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine dosage will continue.

Post will be cut short because I came late from work, and have to go early, so that I can come early and post a better post.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dhoom-2 review

By Sanket ‘dhoom dhoom’ Kambli

I won’t divulge much into the story.

What the movie has?

Looks stylish, stunts are great by Bolly-standards.

High speed chases, free-falls, etc will keep you hooked.

Story is full of loopholes and is predictable, and is more about sequences set around the heists.

The last heist in the movie is innovative but lacks thrill of other heists.

Hrithik Roshan is the only real acting talent in this movie.

He steals the thunder from every actor in this movie.

Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu look hot.

Abhishekh is thrown into Hrithik’s shadow.

Uday Chopra chips in with his *phaltu* jokes.

Rimi Sen has a brief and forgettable role of Jai’s pregnant, cribbing wife.

The romance between Hrithik and Ash lacks chemistry, and I don’t think Hritik should be blamed for it.

A time pass movie.

Its Monday night…..

After recuperating from fever, I am sitting here, trying to get a few words out of mind onto this post.

Since last post many things have happened.

Let’s see.

Didn’t go to work today (Monday), as I had fever.

On Saturday Saw Dhoom-2! (Review will be posted soon)

Plan of meeting a Jr. College friend on Friday got crashed.

Indian cricket team and Arsenal both lost their respective away games.

Today is my sister’s birthday!

MCA exams are from 27th Jan. to 3rd Feb.

Missed auto-car show held @MMRDA grounds due to fever.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Traffic congestion was at its worse today, had to walk for half an hour from L&T to Seepz.
The bus in which I travel from Bhandup to Seepz, witnessed a tiff between a women and a man, the reason was the usual pushing, etc, but this one flared out of control, with the woman slapping the man not once or twice but multiple times. I still don’t know exactly happened, because I was out of the line of sight of the whole affair, eventually the bus conductor had to intervene to calm the situation.More posts soon.That is all for now.
And yes Arsenal scrapped together a 3-1 victory against Hamburg,
While Indian cricket team lost tamely to South Africa.
I am addicted to Appy Fizz, ok, not that much, I am in love with it, after Energee, Mangola, its my favourite.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Time to continue….

Time to continue….

News of the day:
Good news of the day> Temperatures in Mumbai are normal and not extreme.
Bad news of the day> Strike of petrol pump owners!!!

Moment of insanity>
Today moment of insanity was when I tried to eat red chilli.

Moment of stupidity>
Running for 10 minutes to catch a train, and finding out that, it was Thane local after reaching the platform.

Hoping to watch Dhoom-2 this weekend, but that depends on whether I get the tickets for it.

Three fishes in my fish tank have grown to the length of…..two Nokia N72 mobile phones. Get it! Hope they survive or else they will break some hearts.

Traffic congestion near Seepz Gate No. 3, has got reduced considerably.
Now only few congestion hot-spots remain, Gandhinagar, IIT lane, upto Hiranandani.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A short bullet story

The predecessor of the Bullet was first produced in 1931. This was followed by a four-valve, single-cylinder model named Bullet in 1932. The 1935 G model was the first that assumed the 'modern' look, with vertical cylinder, cast-in pushrod tunnel and eventually fully enclosed valve gear.
The single was reintroduced in 1948-49 redesigned by Ted Pardoe, chief draftsman at Enfield in Redditch, England. The strong single cylinder engine allowed it to excel as a trials bike.
Orders from the Indian government led to setting up of the factory in India in 1955. The Bullet today is faithful to that classic design of the 50's albeit with several design and quality improvements.
Celebrating its 50th anniversary the bloodline of Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle spans five decades of motorcycling in some of the toughest and most varied terrain the world has to offer.
The Enfield Bullet is still essentially hand made utilising very little assembly line activity. First introduced in Britain in 1949 this classic single cylinder bike has seen minor modifications and major quality improvements since it was first produced in India in 1955.
sourse : internet(premji's)

Hearing Loss

Continuation of last post!!!!!!!!
No, I am neither a quack doctor nor a specialist.
But through personal experiences and research, I have found out one interesting thing, Lets see what it is.
Portable/Personal entertainment has taken off.
With FM radio channels, large mega bytes of music, there is never a dull moment when you have a cell phone for company.
But let us put some light on an issue, once highlighted by my friend, and now validated by university researchers.
I am not technophobic, I love technology. But I am mindful of its after-effects.
I am not talking about radiation, etc.
I am talking about a simple and logical issue.
Ok, enough beating around the bush.
I am talking about side-effects of using earphones.
I am not against ear-phones, even I use them.
The problem starts with location of its use.
The location dictates the level of ambient sound. Ambient sound can be simply put as surrounding/background sound.
Now consider that the maximum volume for your earphones is 30,
now in normal circumstances when there is not much ambient sound,
you would keep the volume between 20-25.
But if you are in a locale/area where the surrounding noise is high,
say on the road in heavy traffic,
that is when you would increase the volume above 25, to be able to hear clearly,
which is not good for your ear, because now the volume will be what, normally would have been too loud for you. But, as you are in a noisy place, you have to keep it that way. Maybe that enables you to hear your favorite song, but what about the damage done to your sensitive ears, while they are pounded by loud music. Think about it!
Enjoy Life! But Be Safe! That way you get to enjoy for a long time!
If any questions, please leave comments.

Monday, November 20, 2006

another shorty

No, I am neither a quack doctor nor a specialist.
But through personal experiences and research, I have found out one interesting thing, Lets see what it is.
Portable/Personal entertainment has taken off.
With FM radio channels, large mega bytes of music, there is never a dull moment when you have a cell phone for company.
But let us put some light on an issue, once highlighted by my friend, and now validated by university researchers.
I am not technophobic, I love technology. But I am mindful of its after-effects.
I am not talking about radiation, etc.
I am talking about a simple and logical issue.
Ok, enough beating around the bush………….
Sorry….have to cut short…..
Interruptions beyond my powers have occurred,
Its time to go.
Expect a post tomorrow.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


There are times when things don’t start well, but end on a much satisfactory note.
Monday was such a day, the trains ran a bit late, but I still managed to reach office on time.
Tuesday trains continued to be late, but this time they were late in the evening.
While Wednesday was a very lucky day in terms that I got a place to sit from Bhandup itself.
*Health tips:
People who ate two or more servings of fish a week reduced their risk for dementia by 39%.
Now that we have dual-core microprocessors, we will soon see quad-core (4) chips from Intel soon.
Google will soon complete its $1.65 billion worth of YOuTube.com gobble!
Did you know that the first single-chip microprocessor was from Intel, it was called 4004, and it was launched in 1971, on 15th November?
Sony PS3 is out!!!! Will it ovetake Xbox-360 in terms of sales? Time will tell.
The same goes for Zune portable music player from Microsoft, a competitor for iPod, it is going to have a tough time beating the market leader.
So that wraps up the news bit.
A bit of fashion, scarves seems to be an *in* thing in fashion among women, especially with chilly mornings being the norm.
Thats all!!!!! more tomorrow.....as time is luxury for me,,,,,,
one stupid shayari by me
..hum nahi hai kaatil
....na hum hai lootere
....phir bhi log kahe kiya hai jurm
...chura liya humne kissi ka dil...

Monday, November 13, 2006


Monday starts off as usual, uninterestingly.
Work is going on fine.
MCA assignment submission date has been postponed and set to 2nd December, giving me time to finish it off, as 40% of them are still remaining.
Winter has marked its arrival with dry skin, running nose, chattering teeth, etc. But the fact that it lasts only for a few hours in the morning, means its back to sweaty heat in the afternoon, surely it’s not as unbearably hot as it is in summer.
There is a canteen (huge one!!) on the SEEPZ campus; it’s called ICH or something.
I have been there twice, and the only thing that I don’t like about that place, that it allows smoking, and there are no separate areas designated for smokers. What the hell, I don’t mind staying hungry, but I do mind getting killed by smoke emitted by suicidal idiots.
Come on, guys if you really want to get a real *high*, do something exciting, some hell crazy stunt, smoking is so wimpy.
Hero Honda CBZ X-treme has been nominated as bike enthusiast’s delight by a magazine Bike India, i.e. if you can adjust with its directionless design.
That is all for now,
A really short post, from a very busy kid.
Ta Ta…..horn ok please!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ha ha ha ha

Don’t ride a bicycle in tight jeans!It’s not much of a problem if you ride slowly, but if you like to zip around in speeds in excess of 20 Kmph, then you need to give your thighs some movement space, which tight jeans don’t allow.
Lets Laugh!
Hiring with different companies, again believe it at your own risk

Cognizant Method:
Hire a lion... ask him to stay for late nights but give him no work to do.give him gobi 65 to eat again and again.hire 100 more lions but do not increase the space to sitgive them same gobi 65 to eathire 200 more....... and more .......

TCS method:
Hire a liongive him hell a lot of work and pay him government salary lion dies of hunger and frustrationIBM's method:hire a lion, give him a pink slip in an hour... he dies of unemployment...

Syntel Method:
Hire a Cat ...assure him that he will eventually become a Lion once he reaches onsite and make sure that he never reaches onsite.Cat dies in hope of becoming a Lion....MBT method:hire the lion, make him take 14 tests and tell him that if he doesn't score 60% he will lose the job. Lion dies of the strain?

i-Flex method:
Hire a lion???.oops cow, tell him he is a lion, send him in African safari for implementing flexcube in god forbidden territories, tell him if he comes alive he will get band movement (promotion) holy cow dies in fear of the real lion.

Polaris Method:
hire ..sorry....purchase a lion(COSL) ..change his timings...(instead of 9 AM ...change it to 8:30 AM)cut down his allowance (coupons etc)lion dies from fear of becoming CAT.....

Patni method:
hire a lion, give him a salary of a cat...the lion dies before joining....Wipro Method:Hire a Lion,give him a mail Id.he will die receiving stupid mails all day........! !!!

Accenture Method:*Hire a lion.... **Send him to chennaiAsk him to stay on bench for a long timeAsk him to eat idli,Dosa and VadaNo hindi, kannada or no other languages speaking ppl other than TAMIL...No good food, No water..and specially No Beautiful girlsAnd say him "Go Ahead be a Tiger".Lion dies in confusion he is Tiger or lion......

Friday, November 10, 2006

Since 12 Jun 2006: 1,012 visitors!!!!!!

Running total of visits to this website since 12 Jun 2006: 1,012

Ain't that a good figure or what???
here check it out yourself...
tell me if the link doesn't work


Is this a joke or what...
this what landed in my mail!!!
Let me to tell you about myself. My name is Zinaida. I live in Moscow. Iam 28 years old. I look for a man for marriage.I'd like to get acquainted with handsome, gentle, attentive man whohas sense of humor and different interests, dreams to create friendlyfamily based on love and respect to each other.I have some questions for you if you want to get to know me closer:* Why are you interested in Russian lady?* Would you like to correspond or to talk by phone?* Are you interested in serious relations with Russian woman?* What is important for you in relations and am I right for you?* Are you planning to visit Russia?* Have you ever been to Russia?I will be waiting for your reply to Zinaida@newbride4usite.infoI'll be happy to here from you soon. Bye-bye
---that is from where it came ltcgxjxwdfob@lauterbach.com
Believe it or not!!
one more such thing.....
Believe it at your risk!!
This happened near Lonavala.A guy was driving from Mumbai to Pune and decided not to take the new expressway as he wants
to see the scenery. The inevitable happens and when he reaches the ghats his car breaks down -
he's stranded miles from nowhere.Having no choice he starts walking on the side of the road, hoping to get a lift to the nearest town.
It's dark and raining. And pretty soon he's wetand shivering. The night rolls on and no car goes by, the rain is so heavy he can hardly see a few
feet ahead of him.
Suddenly he sees a car coming towards him. It slows and then stops next to him - without thinking
the guyopens the door and jumps in. Seated in the back, he leans forward to thank the person who had
saved him - when he realizes there is nobody behind the wheel!!!
Even though there's no one in the front seat and no sound of any engine, the car starts moving
slowly. The guy looks at the road ahead and sees a curve coming. Scared almost to death he starts
to pray, begging the Lord for his life. He hasn't come out of shock, when just before he hits the
curve, a hand appears through the window and moves the wheel!
The car makes the curve safely and continues on the road to the next bend.The guy, now
paralyzed in terror, watches how the hand appears every time they are before a curve and moves
the steering wheel just enough to get the car around each bend. Finally, the guy sees lightsahead. Gathering hiscourage he wrenches open the door of the silent, slowly moving car, scrambles out and runs as
hard as he can towards the lights. It's a small town.
He stumbles into a dhaba, and asks for a drink, and breaks down. Then he starts talking about the
horrible experience he's just been through. There is dead silence in the dhaba when he stops
talking and that's when .......Santa and Banta Singh walk into the dhaba.
Santa points and says...... "Look Banta - that's the weird guy who got intoour car when we were pushing it."

Have fun..adios for now~~

Cold Coler Coldest!!!!!!

It is colder here in Mumbai nowadays, but only for a few early hours. Then the climate is back to its usual hot self. A cousin from Chicago reports that, out there temperatures are below freezing point!!! It is hard to imagine so much cold, for a person (me), who has never seen snow.
Saw some ads of new FM channel starting up, so guys tell me how it is.
The new bond movie will be out on 17th November, Lets see, if things go according to plan, I may watch the movie.
My mom hurt her leg while climbing down the stairs, so now things are a bit in disarray around here. It is nothing too serious, let’s just hope the crack heals quickly.
I haven’t yet completed the game Warcraft 3, it just seems to go on and on, which is never a bad thing.
Recently, the CD-ROM drive in my PC has started behaving weirdly.
The tray budges to open, when the eject button is pressed.
So to open it, I use this risqué strategy, I press the eject button and quickly hit the left side of the tray, with a hammer. A soft hit, or two, and the tray is out!
The movie, Shaolin Soccer, gets a special mention, it’s a movie that I have seen innumerable times, and I watch it whenever it’s shown on TV. Sometime later, I will talk about my love for kung-fu movies.
Another interesting thing that has happened is that I have regained my interest in learning tabla, which had dwindled down the years, but now I miss it. So I will start practicing all over again, soon. About learning karate, I had been itching to learn karate since a long time, but some unbelievable reasons kept me out of it. But now with a weekend to spare, I want to learn any form of martial art. Another reason to learn it is to keep myself fit and flexible, instead of building muscles by joining a gym.
My fingers are itching to type more, my mind is racing, but time is short, so got to go.
Will be back soon with more stuff to ruminate on, till then, bye.
Fact for the day :::> New Jersey, U.S.A. has 1, 70,000 Indians.
And in some previous post I had left an incomplete sentence, I will compete it here.
The registration of domain .in has crossed 2, 00,000 mark, now that is an achievement.
And in the last post, when I said people barely have their hands free, I meant that their hands are never free of their mobile or the microphone in their hands free device. Get the picture? Will post a picture about it later, to explain my point. That’s all for now.
Thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Handsfree Comfort

Handsfree Comfort
Recently it has come to my notice, that a lot of people use handsfree headsets.
No, I don’t have any problem with that.
But just that, you can barely see people having their hands free, while using handsfree.
And these people are not listening to FM, but are on a call.

Shortage of time….has shortened this post.

Monday, November 06, 2006

When things go bad, they go terribly bad.

This is how it all began.
I was peacefully writing my usual post on blogger website.
This was done against my usual judgment, which dictates me to write my post in MS Word.
And suddenly my PC restarted!!!!
If I had written the post in Word, I would have had a backup copy, but now I have to write it all over again.
So let us begin….
I will post a few things about fashion whenever I can, so here is the first one.
*This one is for women….Clutches are back in fashion.
Those who don’t know what they are just google it.
Those who know that, can now flaunt the current *in* thing.
According to me keeping it reserved for special occasions is advisable, as carrying them around while you rush to work in a bus/train, seems a bit impractical.
*Ok…..ok…guys I am not ignoring you….so all those men who have a bulging waistline… just pick some weights or do some aerobic exercise, as they would do you more good than to that slim guy who lifts weights everyday.
*Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings particularly non-violence, could still change the destinies of people and nations, said Jean Charest, Premier of Canadian province of Quebec, while unveiling a bust of Mahatma Gandhi opposite Quebec’s Parliament complex.
* Hurray to India!!!! 34% of Microsoft employees are Indians….and…..the registration of domain .in has crossed
*Is it a PR stunt or not? ……. Angelina Jolie hails India and its people, praising its commendable work for refugees from all over the world.
Today was a tiring day, by any standards. Both mental and physical exhaustion bothered me at the end of the day.
Watched a Marathi movie >> Khabardar, its fun …..And I don’t get bored despite watching it so many times.
Aishwarya Rai looks stunning as usual, be it in period films (Umrao Jaan, Devdas) or a modern flick (Josh, Dhoom – 2).
That is all for now…..bye bye.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

But it rained

Though the title is a song by the band Parikrama, it has nothing to do with the post.
Still the title strikes a chord with this post.
Today it rained, from 6 PM to 7 PM, a cool change from the heated climate.
But rain in november is a wierd thing.
Arsenal lost 1-0 to West Ham, after conceding a late goal. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
World champions Australia have claimed the ICC Champions Trophy from the then defending champions West Indies. Gooooooddd!!!!
Used Himani Navratna Oil after a long time. Now don't be surprised, that oil is very good,
it is really cool, it can cool a heated head or muscle. A good massage with that oil and you will feel rejuvinated. And I can massage quite well!!!!
Saw the old movie Burning Train, a *hatke* movie from the usual bollywood fare, a fun movie,
inspite of its loopholes, etc.
Load shedding of electricity by MSEB has begun since last few weeks, 4 hours a day!!!!!
That is bad bad news.......
Played too much of warcraft, and the game is not over yet.
It is a good game, very addictive. But not as addictive as Football Manager!!!!!!
A friend of mine from New Zealand says that spring has already begun there, while here it is still
raining, things are wierd!
That is all for now.........................

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The year of Remakes

The last post, as you must have found out, was badly written.
and its also been a long time since I have posted something.
Well this time the blame is on a game that had kept me busy.
Warcraft 3 has been a very challenging game.
It is seems to be the year of remakes, as bollywood is going crazy remaking any available classic hindi movie. But I haven't had the fortune of watching any of them.
I was very close to watching Don, but the plan got ditched at the last moment due to unforseen cicumstances.
The date of arrival of my new bike has been set to December 2. That is one long wait.
That gives me time to arrange my riding gear. Since jacket has been taken care of,
I am looking out for gloves. Because it is important to have good riding gear for a safe ride.
Of course I have not forgotten the helmet. I have shortlisted AGV.
some news>>
Cricket: Watch out for Australia v/s West Indies as they fight for ICC Champions trophy.
Football: Arsenal face West Ham in he english premier league match.
Health: Reducing your overall calory intake, depending on your physical needs, and that too without reducing any other nutrient like vitamins, etc., can lead to graceful ageing, meaning you will age slowly and not quickly/early. use Google for more info.
That is all for now......I will post more....
and this time ... I am not building castles in air....
till then ...bye.....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some tid-bits !!!!

On saturday night......11.30 PM.....
caught a asiad bus..to swargate with my two of my friends.....
mahendra and JP......
...from swargate caught a PMT bus......
the bus left us at a point from where began a challenging trek....uphill...
towards Sinhagad Fort....
approximately a distance of 10-13 kms. was covered by me and my friends...in
about 30-35 minutes......
to give us company uphill...were NDA cadets on their sunday sortie...
and a mix of crowd....consisting of locals/kids/oldies/women ......
it was a refreshing change from my 9-5 job...
Some interesting news:
The current and the previous issue of JLT (Just Like That) magazine..
has 4 of my poems and 1 of my articles...
isn't that cool!!!!
Sports (that I follow):
Arsenal Drew 1-1 with everton......neither happy nor sad news.....
while Indian cricket team is out of the champions trophy!!!!
It is very confusing that how these very well paid cricketers can perform badly
and be allowed to do so.....
and it is not that the one player has a bad day....
its like the every player has a bad....every match....
The TV at my house is behaving wierdly......some alien forces at work!!!!...woooo hooo!!
basically the brightness goes low.....low ....bright...low again..and picture vanishes....
the picture is back again....then its gone......but while this goes on....the sound stays....
I would like to put up a little challenge.....
If anyone can revive my dead MP4 player.....I wil pay them a decent amount...
and free publicity on my weblog....
Bye for now...

analysis of DNA will be back from next post

Thursday, October 26, 2006

You have been tagged~~~~~

*You have been tagged. That is what authorities of Shanghai city will tell street dogs.
Alas! Dogs won’t understand a thing. On a saner note, basically, they are going to implant digital chips to identify all stray dogs.

*Students of Nanjing Agricultural University, in eastern china, have hit upon a ‘hatke’ idea. They have started a matchmaking agency so that other students can meet, get to know each other, and fall in love. And not only will it allow them to freely express their feelings and break up in a peaceful way. Will it work, time will tell.

I have noticed that some BEST buses have installed these little pink boxes (Hutch logo), I think they are Hutch bill payment boxes. Now that is a good thing for very busy people.

Would like to post more but I am running out of time……..bye bye….

It’s nearing November, and yet, in Mumbai, the early morning temperatures haven’t fallen, as they usually do, every year.
Man! The climate has been behaving wildly since last few years.

It is kind of late, but still, I hope you all have enjoyed the Diwali festival.

* these news items have been sourced from DNA.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Analysis of (Daily News Analysis).

Let us try something new.
We will do analysis of DNA (Daily News Analysis).
Basically, you will get to read my idiotic opinion on anything interesting I find in DNA.
For those who don’t know, DNA is an India daily, that I read.

Mumbai Waste Generators:
Sharad Vyas of DNA has found out that,
On a normal day, 6000 metric tonnes of waste is generated by Mumbai.
And during Diwali days, this figure goes up by 800 metric tonnes.
Believe it or not!

Good news for Mumbai:
Mumbai will get 300 Mega Watt of electricity from Kerala.
Why isn’t MSEB getting more power yaar?

Is it great news? At least sounds nice.
Chennai police will now have 100 Hyundai Accent cars.
They will come mounted with digicams, revolving lights, loudspeakers, fire extinguisher, hooters and handcuffs. Out of those 100, 25 will be distributed to the traffic police, and 75 will go to three law and order laws.

Intensive mobile use could make men infertile, says, Mr. Ashok Agrawal, the director of Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio.
The researchers believe the damage could be caused by the electro-magnetic radiation emitted by handsets or the heat they generate. Mobile may also increase temperature in the groin, if a man is wearing it on a belt or carrying it around in a pocket (of a jeans/trouser). Don’t get tense; just don’t put your mobile phone in the aforementioned places. You don’t really need to trust this news, but hey, being a little careful won’t do much harm.
Source: Indo-Asian News Service (London)

That is all for now….more soon….
Comments both nice and harsh are welcome,
Anybody got suggestions?

All news items have been sourced from DNA.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Long time, No post!!!!!!!!!

I had this wierd dream last night...
In the dream, I saw myself riding my new P-180,
on an deserted road, under a star-lit sky,
suddenly there was eye-blinding flash of light,
before I could react I saw myself staring,
at these alien beings, they were scrutinizing my pulsey,
suddenly all of them held their hands together and projected some kind of laser light from their eyes, after another flash of white light, I was drooling at a new p-180, I don't think was 180 cc anymore, it looked like a V-twin, quickly I noticed the mono-shocks....and as I was about to sit on it and turn the key,,,the damn alarm went off....nooooo...
Other news: Arsenal thrashed Reading 4-0...wow...but could have been better...
Liverpool lost...a team with potential is now standing mid-table.
F1 season ends...Kimi raikkonen one of my favourite drivers will join Ferrari, and Alonso will move to McLaren. Now who will I support, because McLaren is my favourite team, I will support both, what the heck.
Adios Shumi, a great driver......
India will play the Windies on 26th .....who will win....I think India will win..
Diwali was fun, except for the ear-splitting fire crackers.
Bought a Pepe Jeans Jacket from Lifestyle, at R-Mall Mulund.
Going to use it while riding my *soon to be bought* bike
Read Bike magazine for the first time, its awesome.
Upgraded Yahoo messenger after a long time.
More updates soon....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A few pics of "to be bought soon" bike picked off the internet....

Mine won't be orange!!!!!

A digi-Speedo !!!!!!

I think I would go for black

or maybe this ??

All rights regarding the pictures of this bike are with these people:>

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why Why Why ....Why Hero Honda Passion Plus

One of my best friends, JP, has decided to go for Hero Honda Passion Plus, after having TVS Apache on his list. His argument is that, the route which he would take to office on his new bike would be a heavy traffic one, so buying a 150cc bike and not revving it much, would be a big waste, so he has decided to go for the Passion.
Personally I don’t like Passion or for that matter Splendour, mainly because of its looks. I don’t hate Hero Honda (HH), like some Bajaj lovers do (yes! I am a Bajaj Fan), I would prefer HH to put more innovation in there bikes.
Now that’s the second hint that I have dropped about the bike I am going to buy.
So what hints do we have?
First, it’s nicknamed ‘The Phantom’, and second it’s from the fabled Bajaj Stable.
Tired of guessing….Have patience!!…pictures will be available soon.

News of the day:
Good: A tough programming logic at work has been taken care off.
Bad: Haven’t yet started reading Deception Point by Dan Brown, so the review may take some time.

Pictures of the bike in the next post.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am feeling slight weakness/ fever/ running nose.
I am hoping to be back in pink of health soon.
I am still experimenting with bus routes, with Kanjur Marg being currently on my list.
One more ‘Brahmakamal’ flower blossomed yesterday night.
Last two days my locality has seen frequent power cuts at the most inappropriate time.
One of my colleagues Vishram came wearing shades to office, mind you not to showoff, but to protect his eyes, which are recovering from an infection.
In last two months I have come across literature which has pointed to a big problem.
A problem which is simple, and easy to address, but becomes complicated due to ego.
It is very simple; a husband ignores his wife, because he is busy with work.
The little time at home is also spent doing work. It’s especially the case of high position executives. His explanation is he does it all for family. Her reasoning, all she wants is little time with him, his love. Eventually the distance widens, and word like infidelity and divorce spring up. A situation which could have been sorted out with a little chat is made to look like an unsolvable calculus equation. I hope you all readers never let anything of that sort happen to you.
News of the day:-
Good: Managed to write a tricky SQL stored procedure.
Bad: I think I have fever.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Most of the times it is not there, but once in a while it does creep in.
Fear of eventuality, eventual death.
Practically, it is easy to get over it, considering we really can’t change eventuality.
But frail human emotions are not easy to subdue.
Still if the fear arises, tell yourself that, one should just put things behind, and go about their lives. Because some things in life are just meant to happen the way they happen.

Left blank in memory of an uncle, whom I admired a lot.

another short one

An uncle whom I admired quite a lot unfortunately passed away, so I didn’t go to work yesterday.
And in his loving memory I will leave the next post; blank.

Tuesdays Post

There has been no update since Friday.
I have been busy!
Even now, I am so busy that I will have to make do with a small update.
So, in short, my two wheeler learner’s license is ready and will get the full license in about a month. Now I need a bike to complete the picture.
And which one have I chosen? It’s nicknamed ‘The Phantom’
I will disclose more about that that when I book it, till then no comments.
On Sunday, did some shopping (clothes, games, music) at fort (CST).
But before shopping I went for my first MCA lecture, and it was very disappointing.
The guy who had come to teach computer networks was not a good teacher.
With the sole motive of completing the syllabus, he went though as if he was only turning pages. So that means no more MCA lectures for me.
Monday was as usual, nothing great.
Better and comprehensive posts soon.

News of the day:
Good: My first bike: ‘The Phantom’ is closer to reality.
Bad: The new version of Hero Honda CBZ, called CBZ extreme sucks in terms of looks.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Posted from a cybercafe

My PC is refusing to start, not literally but the monitor remains blank.
I think the memory chip must be loose, will tighten it when I get home.
That is why I had to come to this cyber cafe to update my blog.
Will apply for a two wheeler license tomorow, that means JP's plan to go to manish market for some shopping
remins postponed. Though sunday is available, Mahendra is adamant on going for MCA lectures.
So Sunday is out too, but lets see. Plans can always change.
Start to friday morning was stressful, the bus was late and invariably overcrowded, the consolation was that I got place to sit at chakala.
One of my good friends, amita, has finally landed a job, after turning down job offers from the likes of
MBT, etc etc, she seems to have settled down, hopefully, doing the kind of work, that she would not hate, if not love.
Recently I have started believing software testers have the toughest jobs. Because while testing an application, it isn't easy to think of all the wierd permutations and combinations of data to enter.
Since last few days, I have been having my dinner differently.
Ok, it is not very different, just that the TV remains off. That is to prevent my sister from getting disturbed, who is in 12th grade, and is preparing for her mid-term exams.
Professionally, its good to see my technical skills getting better.
Though my grip on SQl is far better, .NET is not lagging far behind.
And I am sure from here, thing will only get better.
That is all for now. More soon.
keep reading and commenting.
And on a concluding note, have you noticed the microscopic changes in the look of this weblog?

News of the day:

Good: I ate chicken fried rice for lunch.
Bad: I had to eat brinjals(yuck!) for dinner

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Read it.........

Before going any furthur here is a quote by (Isaac Asimov)::
Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.

A Brief History of Cellular
Cellular Background

1921 -
Detroit Michigan Police Dept. made the earliest significant use of Mobile radio in a vehicle in the United States. The system operated at a frequency close to 2 MHz. The channels soon became overcrowded.

1940 -
New frequencies between 30 and 40 MHz were made available. Increasing the available channels encouraged a substantial buildup of police systems. Shortly thereafter other users found a need for this form of communication. Private individuals, companies, and public agencies purchased and operated their own mobile units.

1945 -
First public mobile telephone system in the U.S. was inaugurated in St. Louis, Missouri with three channels at 150 MHz. Six channels spaced 60 kHz apart were allocated for this service by the FCC, but the mobile equipment was not sophisticated enough to prevent interference.

1947 -
A Public mobile system using frequencies in the 35 to 44 MHz band began operations along the highway between New York and Boston. These frequencies were thought to carry greater distances however a problem with skip-distance propagation carried interfering conversations for long distances. These early mobile telephone systems used push-to-talk operation.

1949 -
FCC authorized separate radio channels to common carrier entities known as "Radio Common Carriers" (ROC). These companies do not provide public telephone service, but interconnect to the public telephone network to provide mobile telephone services equivalent to the wire line common carriers.

1955 -
Number of wire line channels available at 150 MHz was expanded from 5 to 11 by the creation of new channels between the old ones (channel spacing of 30 kHz).

1956 -
12 wire line channels were added near 450 MHz. All systems operated in a manual mode, with each call to or from a mobile unit being handled by a special mobile telephone operator.

1964 -
A new system (150 MHz) was developed providing automatic channel selection for each call, eliminated the need to push-to-talk operation, and allowed customers to do their own dialing.

1969 -
Automatic capability was extended to the 450 MHz band and the so called "Improved Mobile Telephone System" (IMTS) became the standard for mobile telephone service in the U.S.

Advanced Systems (Cellular Concept)
As early as 1947, it was realized that small cells with frequency reuse could increase traffic capacity substantially and the basic cellular concept was developed. However, the technology did not exist.

1953 -
AT&T proposed to the FCC a broadband mobile telephone system to operate in the 800 MHz region.

1970 -
FCC announced a tentative allocation of 75 MHz in the 800 MHz region and invited industry to submit proposals for achieving communication objectives and demonstrating feasibility.

1971 -
AT&T responds with a technical report asserting feasibility by detailing how a "cellular system" might be composed. No other proposed systems were submitted to the FCC.

1974 -
FCC makes a firm allocation of 40 MHz for mobile telephone service and solicited applications for developmental Systems to prove the feasibility of so-called "Cellular Systems" but because of the beginnings of Bell Systems divestiture proceedings, ruled that Western Electric could not manufacture cellular terminal equipment. This was because Western Electric makes the network equipment and the restriction from selling both terminal and network products was to prevent further monopolization.

1975 -
AT&T applied for authorization to operate a developmental cellular system in Chicago.

1977 -
License granted in March of 1977. Illinois Bell Telephone constructs and operates a developmental cellular system.

1978 -
Mid 1978 the Equipment Test phase commenced. The Service Test-phase started in late 1978. Twenty-one hundred mobile sets were procured from three suppliers for the test and the system served over 2000 trial customers.

1981 -
FCC issues standard rules and due to the direction already taken, In the Bell System divestiture proceedings, now rules that Western Electric is permitted to manufacture cellular terminals as well as the network equipment.

In the years between 1974 and 1981, AT&T Bell Labs worked with all other cellular terminal vendors to develop their cellular phones so that consumers would have quality products available to use on the cellular network.

Most of this information is from the ATT Cellular Telephone Equipment Installation Course - CL3403, ca. 1985

source: http://www.wave-guide.org/archives/waveguide_3/cellular-history.html

News of the day:
Good > High possibility of the 'BrahmaKamal' flower blossoming in a few days.
Bad > High possibility that my 'cold' can get worse.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weird!!!!... Week begins with tuesday.....

The week begins with Tuesday.
Alright, maybe I am hyper-reacting.
But spending Monday at home was a different experience altogether.
So after celebrating dusshera with my friends I am back to work.
A wide grin flashed on my face, when Jayprakash gave me the news that the MCA assignments can be written at home, clearing my misconception about writing them at the study center.
The risk of lifestyle related diseases (you know I have a desk job!) has made me cut down on my intake of junk food. Its not that I am a prolific junk food gobbler, but I have decided to have junk food only once a week, instead of twice a week.
Since we are at it, I have found vada pav of kanjur marg station to be one of the best.
It’s small, and damn tasty.
It’s so good, that one doesn’t fill me, neither my stomach nor my taste buds, and the tagline “No one can eat just one” suits it a lot.
Its good news that arsenal is winning. I am big fan, not by world standards, but have been a loyal one since 4 years. Be it highs or lows I have not changed my loyalty to any other club.
Ok, enough of self boasting.
I am currently reading a book by Arthur Hailey; its name is “Wheels”.
So expect a book review soon.
More later, I promise!!!

News of the day: -
Good> I have completed 3 months at my job.
Bad> My iPod Knockoff MP4 player is ruined. 

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday night ends with a slight drizzle.

Yes, it is back to rainy days, after a long time.
It is good that it didn’t rain on Friday evening, as it would have spoiled the garba evening.
Yup! I went for a garba/dandiya raas after a long long time.
The last time I went for it was when, I hadn’t sprouted a single moustache hair.
And at that time it was local event. While this one, sponsored by our cool boss, was a large scale event.
I had mentioned in my previous post that I would not be going for the raas, but since the plan was postponed to Friday evening I had no problem.
As I said earlier, the garba raas organized by Sankalp group is a very popular event in Mumbai. Held at Goregaon Sports Complex, it is hosted by a host of Gujrati singers, which includes Falguni Pathak.
I won’t tell you the details of the place, like how many people are there, how big it is, because for that you just have to turn on your TV.
I would just say that I didn’t have any idea, what is the dance steps performed during garba. So initially it was a case of watch and learn, but as time passed on and music picked up pace, I felt more and more comfortable, and was able to match the moves of some of the more pro garba dancers. After two hours it felt more like a heavy workout.
That was Friday, for you, a garba raas, after working the whole day.
Saturday and Sunday were spent the way they usually are, nothing interesting.

P.S. I am sorry for not updating my weblog for a few days.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Overall, I scored as follows:

According to http://www.nerdtests.com

2% scored higher (more nerdy), and
98% scored lower (less nerdy).

What does this mean? My nerdiness is:

All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!!

I am nerdier than 98% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

The week begins..........

Another week of development work begins, as I try to optimize spare home time, to allow MCA studies, reading, writing, and PC games, etc etc....
On Sunday went to dombivli to see a Marathi movie: Shubh Mangala Savadhaan
Nice movie, but in the concluding parts becomes a tear-jerker.
The core theme of the movie is modern v/s traditional values.
According to me, people should understand that both the western and Indian traditions have their pros and cons. So all that people should try to do is pick what is best for them, and leave everything else.
Think for yourself, what suits you better, in terms of benefit.
Don’t get carried away, either by western flashing techniques or by patriotic jingoism.
Basically, try to get both of best worlds, as long as it lasts, because in the end, we should never forget we all are humans.
Humans with one brain, two eyes, etc, etc.
So these cultural differences are superficial.

The train journey from kalva to dombivli is a very eye-pleasing.
If you can ignore a bit of industrial waste here and there, you can feast over the greenery in and around the mumbra hills....

In terms of workplace news:
Our cool sir invited everyone for the sankalp garba (mumbai folks know about it). But I had to say no,
Because I had already made plans to meet a good old friend of mine, whom I haven't seen since two years.

Bhajan’s sung inside train compartments are a weird experience in a good way.
I love them, for a while you are transported to another place.
Forgetting the sweat/dust/crowd, people sing songs of lord’s glory, wiping away all stress and tension that surrounds their lives.

That also brings me to another point, I like idling at temples.
As I sit there in peaceful environs of a temple, trying to make a spiritual connection with almighty. It relieves me of all the stress in the world.

When I used to wait for NIIT lectures to begin, I had frequently used the thane reservation center for studying.
Now don’t be shocked, that chaotic place, in a very very weird way, never disturbed me, as I sat there reading the Euler’s Theorem or Black Box testing.

My eye-lids are feeling heavier every passing second, signaling the arrival of heavy sleep. So that is all for now….

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sankoobaba's "Believe it or Not"

This is what BBC says about Taj Mahal:>
Never say it is a Tomb!!!
Let us find out why?

Aerial view of the Taj Mahal:

The interior water well:

Frontal view of the Taj Mahal and dome :

Close up of the dome with pinnacle :

Close up of the pinnacle:

Inlaid pinnacle pattern in courtyard :

Red lotus at apex of the entrance:

Rear view of the Taj & 22 apartments :

View of sealed doors & windows in back :

Typical Vedic style corridors:

The Music House--a contradiction :

A locked room on upper floor :

A marble apartment on ground floor :

The OM in the flowers on the walls :

Staircase that leads to the lower levels :

300 foot long corridor inside apartments:

One of the 22 rooms in the secret lower level :

Interior of one of the 22 secret rooms :

Interior of another of the locked rooms :

Vedic design on ceiling of a locked room :

Huge ventilator sealed shut with bricks :

Secret walled door that leads to other rooms :

Secret bricked door that hides more evidence:

Palace in Barhanpur where Mumtaz died :

Pavilion where Mumtaz is said to be buried :


No one has ever challenged it except Prof. P. N. Oak, who believes the
whole world has been duped. In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak says
Taj Mahal is not Queen Mumtaz's tomb but an ancient Hindu temple palace of
Lord Shiva (then known as Tejo Mahalaya) . In the course of his research O
ak discovered that the Shiva temple palace was usurped by Shah Jahan from
then Maharaja of Jaipur, Jai Singh. In his own court chronicle,
Shah Jahan admits that an exceptionally beautiful grand mansion in Agra
was taken from Jai SIngh for Mumtaz's burial . The ex-Maharaja of Jaipur
retains in his secret collection two orders from Shah Jahan for
surrendering the Taj building. Using captured temples and mansions, as a
burial place for
dead courtiers and royalty was a common practice among Muslim rulers.

For example, Humayun,Akbar, Etmud-ud-Daula and Safdarjung are all buried
in such mansions. Oak's inquiries began with the name of Taj Mahal. He says

the term "Mahal" has never been used for a building in any Muslim countries
from Afghanisthan to Algeria. "The unusual explanation that the term Taj
Mahal derives from Mumtaz Mahal was illogical in atleast two respects.

Firstly, her name was never Mumtaz Mahal but Mumtaz-ul-Zamani," he writes.
Secondly, one cannot omit the first three letters 'Mum' from a woman's
name to derive the remainder as the name for the building."Taj Mahal, he
claims, is a corrupt version of Tejo Mahalaya, or Lord Shiva's Palace . Oak
also says the love story of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan is a fairy tale created
court sycophants, blundering historians and sloppy archaeologists . Not a
single royal chronicle of Shah Jahan's time corroborates the love story.

Furthermore, Oak cites several documents suggesting the Taj Mahal predates
Shah Jahan's era, and was a temple dedicated to Shiva, worshipped by
Rajputs of Agra city. For example, Prof. Marvin Miller of New York took a
samples from the riverside doorway of the Taj. Carbon dating tests revealed
that the door was 300 years older than Shah Jahan. European traveler Johan
Albert Mandelslo,who visited Agra in 1638 (only seven years after Mumtaz's
death), describes the life of the cit y in his memoirs. But he makes no
reference to the Taj Mahal being built. The writings of Peter Mundy, an
English visitor to Agra within a year of Mumtaz's death, also suggest the
Taj was a noteworthy building well before Shah Jahan's time.

Prof. Oak points out a number of design and architectural inconsistencies
that support the belief of the Taj Mahal being a typical Hindu temple
than a mausoleum. Many rooms in the Taj ! Mahal have remained sealed
since Shah Jahan's time and are still inaccessible to the public. Oak
asserts they contain a headless statue of Lord Shiva and other objects
commonly used for worship rituals in Hindu temples . Fearing political
backlash, Indira Gandhi's government tried to have Prof. Oak's book
withdrawn from the bookstores, and threatened the Indian publisher of the
first edition dire consequences . There is only one way to discredit or
validate Oak's research.

The current government should open the sealed rooms of the Taj Mahal under
U.N. supervision, and let international experts investigate.

Believe it or not!!!

p.s. These historical facts have not been personally verified by me, so if anyone thinks all this is rubbish and has enough proof, I would be glad to remove it, and add your proof here...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

---who will guard the guards

Sanket ‘aint no security guard’ Kambli

That one sentence in the book, Digital fortress, started it all.
Who will guard the guards!!!
This debatable point has yet to see me take sides.
I am still divided regarding this whole thing.
If you still have no idea what I am talking about, let me clarify.
One camp of ideology wants the freedom to snoop (they would call it monitor) around in everybody’s email, while the other doesn’t want this infringement on privacy to happen.
And both the sides have well justified motives making it difficult for me to take sides.
One camp believes that, in this age of terrorism threat, monitoring the contents of everyone’s email is the only way to predict the possibility of any attack. So this camp wants backdoor entry into any encryption algorithm that may make it difficult for them to read these emails. While the other camp thinks this is blatant dissolution of privacy rights of common citizens, they feel there is no saying how this power may be misused. Basically who will monitor these monitors?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

flying fast!!!!!

It is Thursday already, just yesterday I felt as if the week had started; now I see another week nearing its end. Time has been flying fast. And my leg still aches a bit. The area where our socks end is the place where it starts aching after running for a while, a problem which has surfaced recently. I am yet to find the exact reason behind it. This week I have not been *seat lucky*, seat lucky, means that I haven’t have the fortune of getting a seat to sit while traveling in bus. And each day I have traveled home by a different timing train. The new version of iPod shuffle has enchanted me. At my workplace, another B.E. fresher joined us. My iPod Nano knockoff mp4 player experienced a screen-shattering fall. The cheap thing is working with faults and a cracked screen, but thanks to its multi-purpose ability, it can never be useless. India shockingly beat West Indies by 16 runs in the DLF cup final!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

All guns blazing????

Short Book Review: Digital Fortress (Dan Brown)

By Sanket ‘busy, very busy’ Kambli

Not necessarily, but it’s a thriller for those who like heroes of big brainpower rather than big brawnpower (creative freedom!!). If that doesn’t sound exciting, then a new means of data encryption, that is capable of changing the balance of international power, would sound more thrilling. The book isn’t all technical mumbo-jumbo, it is quite fun as the book takes the reader along into an understanding of encryption technologies. But don’t expect too much realism, as the book looks at the issues through the eyes of fiction. There are a few flaws in the plot if looked at closely, but the cleverness and the sheer exciting fun of it all, more than make up for them. Ample twists and turns (like yummy jalebi’s!!) will keep the adrenaline flowing, as you delve deeper in geek-level information about encryption, code breaking, and their role in international politics

The action stretches from Seville to Washington. Mr. Brown surely loves Seville a lot, because the level of detail is enchanting, instantly pulling you into Seville neighborhood. No chapter is longer than five pages, while most are just over one page.
The structure of the book is such that it ties the reader to the story and eventually finishing the book. The book has it sets of clichés, but it is easily missed in all the intrigue and action. To conclude, it has a colossal and compelling story, but falls short of being a masterpiece.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A little update

Arsenal beat Manchester United 1-0. Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor's late goal clinched it for arsenal. Great news indeed, for a team who had drawn two and lost one of their first three league matches, and were without star striker Thierry Henry.
On Saturday, I had gone to Nanavati hospital to donate blood; an uncle of mine needed it.
While coming back from there, it rained so heavily that there was severe water clogging, which made the train moving at snail’s pace. So I was standing in the train for three hours, completely exhausted. For this reason I spent Sunday resting, as my body tried to recover from exhaustion and donation. That is all.
ok...that was very short, will post something longer tomorrow.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

He hasn't done it yet.....!!!!!!!

Yes, our cable operator hasn't, started the broadcast of Start movies and HBO.
He says it is 'government order'.
Staring in disbelief I try to tell him the reality, still he doesn't budge.
And what bothers me more is that, he blacked-out Star movies and HBO while he is showing Zee trendz, AXN and Zee Studio.
But in all this I am missing the point.
The point mentioned in our constitution:
Freedom of choice
I decide what to watch, etc, etc.
Whether it’s good or bad is my personal opinion.
So if people like Prof. Pratibha Nathiani think they can decide what other Indians should watch, etc, etc, then it is not democracy, it is dictatorship.
Her argument is that adult programme’s have adverse effects on young impressionable minds (kids).
My question is why parents can’t deploy censorship at home. With methods like child lock and restrictive viewing it can be done.
But the problem is that parents nowadays don’t have that much time, and some kids nowadays have TV in their own rooms.
Banning everything is not a solution to a problem; it is an act of immaturity.
It’s like banning bike driving because an accident can kill.
Why are they all forgetting the deplorable state our country is in?
Why don’t they register a PIL against all the real problems inflicting, our city, if not our country.
Alas, they don’t see any problems, living the affluent areas of big cities; they are in a shell, cut off from the grim situation the city is in.
They only see one thing, how can these lower class people get access to world class entertainment, etc, etc. So while they lobby to close down dance bars, they flock to tastefully done (!!!) Lido shows.
So to conclude, I would simply say we are being held hostage by a few who have power,
And only a revolution can change these people, and make the focus their efforts and energies on real problems, instead of which movies/shows people like us should watch.
Unless that is done it is a shame to say that we are a democratic country.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My friend got placed at patni !!!

My friend Sanket Lotankar is happy after joining Patni.
He will be paid 12000 per month, which is great.
Working on Java(my favourite language) is a great experience for him.
In terms of placement news, Sanket seems to be the only one working on Java.
While others, specifically 4-5, or more, are working on .NET in mid-sized firms(like me).
While the remaining are continuing higher studies, some of them are earning a huge sum working in BPO's/call center's.
While a girl has been reported to have joined Infosys.
That is all I know about my classmates and their employment.
In terms of my workplace news,
This month, I will complete the 3-month probation period.(Good)
One of our brilliant seniors(Beena) has shifted base to US branch.(Cool)
And a B.E. fresher has joined us.(Fresh)
Went to see the movie munnabhai-2 with my office colleagues & cool boss, he paid for the tickets and food.(Awesome)
My boss is the coolest(Yeeeeaahh!!!)
MCA news::
I have got 14 assignments due on 25th October(Help!!!!)
I am still divided on whether I should publicise my weblog in my office.
It is 11 P.M., time for me to sleep, or else I will feel sleepy in office.(Noooooo)

K-Man Project has begun

K-Man Project has begun....
What is this all about???
Get to know more about it in a few days....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A few words.........

I enrolled for a membership @Popular Library, Thane.
Charging 200 Rupees deposit, 100 per month, I get access to lots of mags/books.
I am currently breezing through Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.
I have received the courseware of my MCA course from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). And definitely, calling it vast would be an understatement. Fortunately, the topics are not new, I have encountered them some or the other time during my graduation.
On Sunday, it was hot, not just hot, it was very very hot.
And I was baking myself in the scorching heat, because I had put out my cap for a wash.
Xbox 360 has been released in India (drools!!!!!)
Will I buy it? Highly unlikely, there are too many things above it in my wish-list.
Maybe when then release Xbox 360 -2.
I am running out of time, got to leave for work.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai: A short review

By Sanket ‘bole toh writer’ Kambli

I missed approximately 15 minutes of the show, but I believe it wouldn't drastically change my opinion about the movie. In a nutshell the movie is about munna (a.k.a. Sanjubaba) and his experience with gandhism, which he encounters while he is busy courting Janhavi (a.k.a. Vidya Balan). In terms of acting, Vidya doesn't have much work, while sanjubaba is excellent at being munnabhai. Jimmy Shergill, like in the first movie, shows up as a guy in peril. While dia mirza has a tiny role, Jr. Bacchan has an even tinier role. Still I feel this movie would have been incomplete without stellar performances from arshad warsi and booman irani.Their performances may or may not win awards, but warsi as circuit and irani as a punju guy were just perfect. The fact that this movie tries to tell people about the existence of a path of honesty and peace,
the one propagated by Gandhiji, puts this movie in the league of rang de basanti.
Though this movie has its share of well-timed witty jokes, many guys would call this movie more emotional than its first edition. Fortunately nothing is overdone.
To conclude, it is a funny, short, and enjoyable movie for everyone, albeit with a social message.
I recommend you to watch this movie, at least once, you won't regret it.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last Few Days

Last few days were neither sunny days,
nor were they soaky.
They were just the usual gloomy days.
Today, since early morning, it has been raining,
moderately, neither too much, nor too less.
Rains ushered in a few travel related problems,
specifically pertaining to late trains/buses.
I prefer to reach office as early as possible,
so that I can leave early.
Because if I miss the 6.30 PM bus, then it means I will miss
8.00 kalyan semi-fast.
And if I miss that train,
then it means I have to wait for 8.26 titwala semi-fast,
because between 8.00 and 8.26 there is only one kalwa stopping train(@8.14),
which is always very very crowded,
remaining trains are either fast or are thane local.
And after 8.26, I have to wait for 8.39 dombivli slow local.
I hope, whoever made this ridiculous time-table, must have had some strong reason
for making it this way.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to work

I am back to work, after two days of lazing around.
Ok, I didn't spend all these days, just lazing around.
I did go for a long and tiring cycle ride, among other things.
My shoulder is better compared to how it was last week,
when I was fortunate to not have broken any bone, after skidding twice
on a concrete surface laden with thick moss. But a loose wheel chain made sure things weren't problem free.

Friday, September 01, 2006

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sleepy thoughts

Sometimes the toughest thing to do, while I am in my office is, not
doing anything at all. Waiting for the next assignment, as I sit at my desktop,
multiple minutes of inactivity bores me to the extent of making me feel sleepy,

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have lost it!!!

I have lost it!!!
No, not my virginity.
I have lost the motivation to write something meaningful.
The reasons are stil unknown.
Its been an eternity since I have posted anything worthwhile here.
I know I could type a few words about
how I go to work and come back.
But that is boring, because from mon-fri, it is the same thing,
go to work! come back!
In between that time, at home,
I workout, watch TV, play PC games, surf the net, tease my sister, eat, sleep,etc,etc.
Still I find something missing, not to forget the large amount of time I loose
tarvelling to my workplace.
Though, its got nothing to do with my work, I am enjoying my job.
It is god's gift to me, I am thankful.
So while I am trying to find that missing element in my life,
I am busy listening to music on my new MP4 player.
It is basically a 1 GB korean iPod knockoff, but who cares, as long as it can store and play about 230-250 songs.(BTW, it has FM, FM & voice recording, image viewer, text viewer).
I am back to reading Indian Express after trying out all other newspapers.
After Indian Express, my favourite would be, Asian Age, followed by Free Press
Journal, DNA and lastly Hindustan Times. Among the magazines, I read science reporter, RSJ(hard to find sometimes!), Man's World, JLT, JAM.
I am planning to subscibe to all of them, instead of picking them off the stalls every month or so.
I have plans to start a comic strip here, but the plan isn't taking off, because of
lack of innovative ideas.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A comeback or what!!

Should I call it a comeback, like it is done in sports?
Neverthless, I am back, after a brief haitus.
So here we go,
--The Intro
It will take a few more days till my home net connection starts.
Till then, I will have to make do with a cyber cafe.
But from now on,
I will try to put some readable matter, instead of just a list of 'what happened today'.
--The Intro Continued...
Soon, my MCA(distance learning course from Sikkim Manipal university) course will start.
Usually its a 3 yr course, but thanks to the fact that I am a CS grad,
I have lateral entry in the 3rd semester, thus saving a yr,
meaning I will complete the MCA course in 2 yrs.
--The Intro Ends...
It is quite interesting to note that at the beginning,
2 yrs will look like eternity,but if one just stops thinking about it,
days go in a breeze.
And by days, I remember its been many days and I still haven't filled the passport form.
Thursday night Zee Studio had this movie by the name:<13 conversations about one thing>
It is a nice movie, in an abstract sense. One of the few movie which will keep you thinking
hours after you have seen it.
It basically talks about one thing, happiness.
And what happiness means to different people in different contexts.
Nice movie, but don't watch it at night, you may find it hard to sleep quickly.
I intend to buy a small flash based mp3 player of around 512MB-1GB storage space,
I have shortlisted Transcend Sonic 610. Any suggestion?
On 2nd August I recieved my first salary, though it wasn't the first cheque in my name,
as a cheque given by JLT for my articles was the first one. Its nice to earn a few bucks
for the work I do.
I wouldn't say that I eat/sleep/drink programming.
But yes! the feeling which one gets after creating a software
is out of this world.
It is akin to giving life to something.
Maybe its akin to the feeling a mother gets when
she sees her new born baby playing around.
That is why I love what I am doing.
There is always frustration, when I am not getting the right output.
But it is anyway part and parcel of it.
Because I believe in the proverb,
Greater the difficulty, sweeter the result!
Tomorrow I am planning to take private tutions.
I would be teaching free of cost, my only fee will be a treat from the students
after the results are out.
These tutions will be for IT/CS subjects of 11th and 12th.
Since it is a start I am keeping it free,
slowly as the student strength grows and I am sure about my ability
to teach students, I will charge a nominal fee.
It is one tiny part of my huge dream.
One small step for Sanket, is one big leap for Sanket's dreams.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am at this cheap cybercafe

I have cancelled my MTNL ADSL Triand connection.
I don't know whether I am plain unlcuky or others face the same problem.
But the fact is that my triaband connection had made me face a host of problems.
Sometimes it would get disconnected on its own.
and I would have to restart the router.
The helpline service of mtnl was totally helpless.
And I had to go all the way to Charai telephone exchange to solve any problem(things like unable to connect,etc).
At the exahange they made me run through many rooms, from one table to another.
And upon that I had a 700 MB download limit.
Now I am moving to sify, lets see how it is.
Damn ,, i got to go ,,,,time is up,.
job is fine...have enrolled for mca at manipal university. bye

Sunday, July 16, 2006

This post is going to be left blank, a kind of memorial for those who lost their lives in the recent blasts.

I dont have any idea when my next post will be

I dont have any idea when my next post will be.
And I am sorry for that.
Let us see,
Job is fine,
have changed travel route.
I catch a train to ghatkopar and from there I catch a bus (no:334) to seepz.
This option saves me time and money.
Earlier option was 496 bus.
This week for the first time I used my cellphone(WAP) for checking my mail account.
But the problem is my cell doesn't have anti-virus software. hmmmm, what should I do?
Anyway got to go,
I am running out of time.
Hope you all readers are safe and weren't caught in the ghastly blasts that ripped through our local trains.

My home PC ain't getting connected to internet!!

Yes, that is true, so I am sitting here in a cybercafe @Thane which charges 10 Rs. per hour.( Not Bad!!)
Anyway, I got to know about this comment left on my blog, which was totally irrelevant to the post.
So here is my reply for it.
Mr. Sanket Kambli replies:
Ms. Pooja Sarkar, my sincere apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused to you.
Honestly I am helpless in this regard.
I have done everything in my power to change my profile on globeofblogs.com,
but without any results.
If you yourself check the site you will know what I mean.
And if you have any problems in that regard, I can go on record that the girl I am referring there, isn't you!
And please understand I have no need to use your name for a publicity stint, because if that would have been the case I would use someone famous, not just another girl like you.
And I hope we end this things right here.

Friday, July 07, 2006


I don't have a saturday off, because it is meant to compensate the working hours missed due to rains.
SO no updates!!
It will come tomorrow for sure.
A bonus of posts tomorrow.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ohhhh!! What an achievement!!

Another rich kid revamps his family business and has his mug plastered on the first page of supplements like Bombay times.

I really don’t understand how much tough it is for all those journalists out there to find a single kid who went from nothing to something.

Instead they find it easier to feature a story of someone who just built up on something that already existed.

Just because someone has a successful enterprise doesn’t mean you have to feature it in an achievers list.

They have to note their background.

Coming from a background, where it is easier for parents to, let their kids set up their own businesses, makes things a tad easier, not to mention the various industry contacts.

While achieving decent success in his/her business, in spite of middle class upbringing which focuses on security than challenge, is more note-worthy.

This takes me to the achievements of Mr. Vijaypat Singhania.
Not long ago, he broke a record.

My simple point here is, though it was courageous for an old man to do something like that.
He is still not doing anything extraordinary considering the press coverage he has got.

Because what he had done, could have been done, even by a person, 30 yrs. younger, with a bit of practice, luck and courage.

But the money factor plays a big role here, because I don’t think there are too many courageous people out there, who can even afford a plane ticket let alone flying in an air balloon.

To conclude I would say, it’s high time we stop focusing on rich people and their pointless achievements.

Because not only do they have it easier than most of us, as they have more time and money at their disposal.

They are also making a point that we people will always remain below them.
Be it in terms of achievements or bank balance.

What do you say??

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Weekend Update vol.1

Saturday and Sunday is holiday from work.

But, on both these days, time was spent lazing around in my bed.

Because I had to take enough rest to recover from the combo of cold and mild fever that I was affected with.

I have got MCA entrance test coming up on next Sunday, hmmmm!!! Need to prepare for it.

Rumours about principal of S.K. Somaiya college having changed are baseless.

M.Sc. (C.S.) @ S. K. Somaiya has begun in full force with the students aiming to repeat the excellent performances of the just passed out batch.

Germany is through to the semis after beating Argentina on penalties (HURRAY!!!)

Now they face the Italians who easily beat Ukraine by three goals.

It is going to be tough for Germany to score as the azzuri’s have a strong defence and one of my favourite goalie’s i.e. Buffon.

Who will I support??? Germany!!!!!

On the other hand, one of my favourite teams, England; lost to Portugal on penalties.

This rude shock was sedated by another shock defeat, this time by france.

I expected Brazil to win, but expected a nice fight from france. But the French have surprised me, though all gunner fans (like me!) will be happy to see Henry score.

Though I don’t want to say Portugal is a bad team, as they are in the semis. Still I think, France looks a better team. It’s just a questions of players like Vieira, Zidane, etc inspiring them to the final @Berlin, unless, Figo and Ronaldo decide to play like its do or die for them.

The power is gone!!!!! I wil ctrl+s and come back later,

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Next Post On 1st July

Today is 30th june, but I don't have much time, so I will put up the next update tomorrow, as saturday and sunday is holiday for us.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First day of my job and other stuff

Due to my job, it’s tough to find time. But here I am with time to type.

First day of my job, was nice experience.

Anxious and curious was my state of my mind.

To summarize things:

I command a high-end workstation (can’t give specs, sorry!)

Training on web application development is going on, will finish soon. And then, I will have to handle a whole project.

Because BEST buses are crowded, returning home from SEEPZ (andheri) is a nightmare.

It is tough to find a place to sit, till the bus reaches kanjur marg or bhandup.

Buses turn into steam rooms, due to the humidity (experienced only by standing crowd).

Hanging out of the bus (like they do in suburban trains) is a common sight.

It’s amazing, how all my seniors do programming (project level) without referring to any book.

It has started raining satisfyingly, meaning it gives me and my buddies a chance to go for a trek.

Can’t follow world cup action, L

According to my prediction, England won, but only by a goal.

I always felt France was better team than Spain (on paper at least), and they didn’t kill my faith and won against Spain.

Like Germany v/s Argentina, England v/s Portugal is also equally matched setup.

But, I think I will root for Germany and England.

Italy should win against Ukraine without conceding any goal, though I don’t think they will score too many goals.

Brazil v/s France, Brazil is my favorite, but France has shown determination, and I hope they don’t give without fighting. Can any of these teams repeat their performance of 1998 finals, let us see.

Test cricket: India draws the series (uuuuggghhh!!!!), damn they are paid so much and they perform so less. We developers do so much work and are paid peanuts!!!!

And we cannot even be out of form or else we will be out of firm.

Damn! I also don’t get to watch two laugh riot shows on hungama channel.

They are shingchan and kochikame, they are so damn funny. They are usually in the afternoon.

Can’t continue, got to get ready to go to work, morning is the only time when I get to come online.

Stay logged for more posts.

Till then, have a nice day.