Thursday, September 21, 2006

---who will guard the guards

Sanket ‘aint no security guard’ Kambli

That one sentence in the book, Digital fortress, started it all.
Who will guard the guards!!!
This debatable point has yet to see me take sides.
I am still divided regarding this whole thing.
If you still have no idea what I am talking about, let me clarify.
One camp of ideology wants the freedom to snoop (they would call it monitor) around in everybody’s email, while the other doesn’t want this infringement on privacy to happen.
And both the sides have well justified motives making it difficult for me to take sides.
One camp believes that, in this age of terrorism threat, monitoring the contents of everyone’s email is the only way to predict the possibility of any attack. So this camp wants backdoor entry into any encryption algorithm that may make it difficult for them to read these emails. While the other camp thinks this is blatant dissolution of privacy rights of common citizens, they feel there is no saying how this power may be misused. Basically who will monitor these monitors?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

flying fast!!!!!

It is Thursday already, just yesterday I felt as if the week had started; now I see another week nearing its end. Time has been flying fast. And my leg still aches a bit. The area where our socks end is the place where it starts aching after running for a while, a problem which has surfaced recently. I am yet to find the exact reason behind it. This week I have not been *seat lucky*, seat lucky, means that I haven’t have the fortune of getting a seat to sit while traveling in bus. And each day I have traveled home by a different timing train. The new version of iPod shuffle has enchanted me. At my workplace, another B.E. fresher joined us. My iPod Nano knockoff mp4 player experienced a screen-shattering fall. The cheap thing is working with faults and a cracked screen, but thanks to its multi-purpose ability, it can never be useless. India shockingly beat West Indies by 16 runs in the DLF cup final!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

All guns blazing????

Short Book Review: Digital Fortress (Dan Brown)

By Sanket ‘busy, very busy’ Kambli

Not necessarily, but it’s a thriller for those who like heroes of big brainpower rather than big brawnpower (creative freedom!!). If that doesn’t sound exciting, then a new means of data encryption, that is capable of changing the balance of international power, would sound more thrilling. The book isn’t all technical mumbo-jumbo, it is quite fun as the book takes the reader along into an understanding of encryption technologies. But don’t expect too much realism, as the book looks at the issues through the eyes of fiction. There are a few flaws in the plot if looked at closely, but the cleverness and the sheer exciting fun of it all, more than make up for them. Ample twists and turns (like yummy jalebi’s!!) will keep the adrenaline flowing, as you delve deeper in geek-level information about encryption, code breaking, and their role in international politics

The action stretches from Seville to Washington. Mr. Brown surely loves Seville a lot, because the level of detail is enchanting, instantly pulling you into Seville neighborhood. No chapter is longer than five pages, while most are just over one page.
The structure of the book is such that it ties the reader to the story and eventually finishing the book. The book has it sets of clich├ęs, but it is easily missed in all the intrigue and action. To conclude, it has a colossal and compelling story, but falls short of being a masterpiece.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A little update

Arsenal beat Manchester United 1-0. Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor's late goal clinched it for arsenal. Great news indeed, for a team who had drawn two and lost one of their first three league matches, and were without star striker Thierry Henry.
On Saturday, I had gone to Nanavati hospital to donate blood; an uncle of mine needed it.
While coming back from there, it rained so heavily that there was severe water clogging, which made the train moving at snail’s pace. So I was standing in the train for three hours, completely exhausted. For this reason I spent Sunday resting, as my body tried to recover from exhaustion and donation. That is all.
ok...that was very short, will post something longer tomorrow.