Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arsenal win 1-0 against Liverpool

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Diaby's header powers Arsenal to a victory over Liverpool.  Chelsea lost to Everton and ManU almost lost but finally drew at Aston Villa to keep Arsenal in the title race.  I hope Nasri is not out for long time due to injury. But Bendtner coming back from injury was reassuring. I stayed up late to watch the match (from 1:30 AM IST)  and it was totally worth it.

Go Gunners!! 

Sunday, February 07, 2010

~~ clueless thoughts of a helpless mind ~~

i am still lost, looking for a way out.
i m clueless, cant really decide.
what to do, is something hard to choose.
confusion playing all time, in my mind.
clearly seeing things, is very hard for me.
i just cant decide, don't know what to do.
work is a chore, just a task told to do.
i see no growth, no money to bring some cheer.
still heart says, persist with you have.
you matter, what you do makes a difference.
hopeless thoughts, helplessly override my mind.
same way, it mirrors my romantic life.
love is forbidden, with no real future.
holy union, not possible in this time.
still heart says, spend time together.
future unknown, tomorrow no one knows about.
days go by, hours pass me of indecision.
of how my life, is a result of dazed confusion.s