Thursday, September 14, 2006

He hasn't done it yet.....!!!!!!!

Yes, our cable operator hasn't, started the broadcast of Start movies and HBO.
He says it is 'government order'.
Staring in disbelief I try to tell him the reality, still he doesn't budge.
And what bothers me more is that, he blacked-out Star movies and HBO while he is showing Zee trendz, AXN and Zee Studio.
But in all this I am missing the point.
The point mentioned in our constitution:
Freedom of choice
I decide what to watch, etc, etc.
Whether it’s good or bad is my personal opinion.
So if people like Prof. Pratibha Nathiani think they can decide what other Indians should watch, etc, etc, then it is not democracy, it is dictatorship.
Her argument is that adult programme’s have adverse effects on young impressionable minds (kids).
My question is why parents can’t deploy censorship at home. With methods like child lock and restrictive viewing it can be done.
But the problem is that parents nowadays don’t have that much time, and some kids nowadays have TV in their own rooms.
Banning everything is not a solution to a problem; it is an act of immaturity.
It’s like banning bike driving because an accident can kill.
Why are they all forgetting the deplorable state our country is in?
Why don’t they register a PIL against all the real problems inflicting, our city, if not our country.
Alas, they don’t see any problems, living the affluent areas of big cities; they are in a shell, cut off from the grim situation the city is in.
They only see one thing, how can these lower class people get access to world class entertainment, etc, etc. So while they lobby to close down dance bars, they flock to tastefully done (!!!) Lido shows.
So to conclude, I would simply say we are being held hostage by a few who have power,
And only a revolution can change these people, and make the focus their efforts and energies on real problems, instead of which movies/shows people like us should watch.
Unless that is done it is a shame to say that we are a democratic country.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My friend got placed at patni !!!

My friend Sanket Lotankar is happy after joining Patni.
He will be paid 12000 per month, which is great.
Working on Java(my favourite language) is a great experience for him.
In terms of placement news, Sanket seems to be the only one working on Java.
While others, specifically 4-5, or more, are working on .NET in mid-sized firms(like me).
While the remaining are continuing higher studies, some of them are earning a huge sum working in BPO's/call center's.
While a girl has been reported to have joined Infosys.
That is all I know about my classmates and their employment.
In terms of my workplace news,
This month, I will complete the 3-month probation period.(Good)
One of our brilliant seniors(Beena) has shifted base to US branch.(Cool)
And a B.E. fresher has joined us.(Fresh)
Went to see the movie munnabhai-2 with my office colleagues & cool boss, he paid for the tickets and food.(Awesome)
My boss is the coolest(Yeeeeaahh!!!)
MCA news::
I have got 14 assignments due on 25th October(Help!!!!)
I am still divided on whether I should publicise my weblog in my office.
It is 11 P.M., time for me to sleep, or else I will feel sleepy in office.(Noooooo)

K-Man Project has begun

K-Man Project has begun....
What is this all about???
Get to know more about it in a few days....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A few words.........

I enrolled for a membership @Popular Library, Thane.
Charging 200 Rupees deposit, 100 per month, I get access to lots of mags/books.
I am currently breezing through Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.
I have received the courseware of my MCA course from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). And definitely, calling it vast would be an understatement. Fortunately, the topics are not new, I have encountered them some or the other time during my graduation.
On Sunday, it was hot, not just hot, it was very very hot.
And I was baking myself in the scorching heat, because I had put out my cap for a wash.
Xbox 360 has been released in India (drools!!!!!)
Will I buy it? Highly unlikely, there are too many things above it in my wish-list.
Maybe when then release Xbox 360 -2.
I am running out of time, got to leave for work.