Friday, September 26, 2008

Rise of the machines

These machines have the gargantum task of cleaning up mumbai city


So its gone, the long hair/french beard look is gone.
After chopping off my hair, even my face has seen a clean shave for the first time.
So from RockStar looks, now I sport a pop-boy-band look of short hair and clean shave.
OK, enough of vanity talk.
I am aching for a bike trip, don't know where, she suggested pune, but the plan has got bunked.
Still JP's plan of ride to Mahabaleshwar is still on, so I am optimistic.
My cellphone is a year old now, which is good,
and mahendra is planning to buy a new cellphone, and I am more excited than he is,
because then I have a chance to compare different phones, their reviews, etc, etc.
Sound of sparks have started to come out of the monitor of my Home PC which means no more playing football manager
and no more surfing the net from home.
Oh! Fridays! always eager for them to get over, so that the weekend can begin.
I was planning to wake up late this Saturday, but I have a stupid early morning medical test scheduled by an insurance company,
which requires 12 hours of fasting, HHHEEELLLLLL!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back with motivation

She updates her blog regularly, so even I am inspired to update my blog.
But its hard to think of any worthwhile reading material to put here.
Still I can't hide my delight at Arsenal's young team winning in Carling Cup match against Sheffield Utd.
Makes you understand why Arsene Wenger didn't buy players during the transfer window opportunity.
A great job done by everyone at Arsenal.
And even my job is fine, by dabbling in technologies like joomla(php, mysql, and apache) my knowledge is going to swell
and my resume will look less empty.
The rains are playing hide and seek. Since last two days it hasn't rained and before that it had been raining inconsistently.
So inconsistent rains meant I was able to ride my bike to work, which is a great way to save time, and anyways I love riding bikes.
Two of my friends are planning to buy bikes, and both guy's buying plans include two cool Yamaha bikes, R-15 and FZ-16, now isn't

that cool?
Lots of trips have happened since last post. Here is a list of the trips, my laziness prohibited me from posting anything about these

August 1st week=Matheran(Birthday Week)
August 2nd week=Alibaug Beach
August 3rd week=Kolhapur, Amboli
September 2nd week=Ganpatipule
JP's brother has invited all of us on a bike ride to mahabaleshwar, lets see how this can be accomplished.
Yeah, I have shifted to a new house, where I have my own room, which is nice.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To cut a long story short

So many things have happened that I have no idea from where to begin.
As I scratch my head, trying to put some good content here.
It brings back memories of my long hair(shoulder length).
I bid farewell to my hair on 3rd September 2008, it was becoming painfully messy to manage long hair.
Not only did I have waste time in washing, brushing and all those things. I could not wear helmet easily.
And long hair when wet don't dry easily, which made me sneeze on a cold morning.
Still I persisted for more than 8 months, because I wanted to experience long hair once in my lifetime.
And I have done that. Even She agrees that short hair look better something my sister also agrees with.
So now I sport a very short cut. Its very good, now need to waste time in washing hair, just two flat minutes.
No more hair coming on my face, etc, etc.
Still once in a while miss the long hair!!