Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stanley and his chillar party

No its not any new movie. It just combines two movies that were recently released. One was "Stanley ka dabba" and other one "Chillar Party".

While the first one is more of a real movie without entertaining songs ,while the later is more fictional yet it is very good.

The best part about both the movies is that scenes with kids in it felt written for kids. The dialogues were not sermons written by adults for kids. They were short and to the point told in a kids style.

Child actors acted in such an authentic way that it reminded me of my childhood days.

Both movies deserve applause as they entertain, have a message, sufficient plot, excellent acting, and nearly authentic setup. And more than anything they don't really on star power, marketing gimmicks, item songs, or special effects.

Yet they could do much better, something that portrays a kids imagination gone wild, etc.

Nevertheless a good start.

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Sh@s said...

Glad that Bollywood is producing some children movies otherwise there is hardly any children oriented films in the mainstream cinema.