Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gravity 3D : Review

I watched this movie really late, and I mean late in the sense that it may be the last show of Gravity 3-D in Mumbai.
Thankfully I watched it and came out more than impressed. It deserves the tag of "Best movie of 2013".
It is surely one of the best movies ever, and deserves at least a couple of Oscar nominations.
Its really a special movie, as it has only 4 characters. Oh yes, two human characters and two non-human characters. I will leave you to come to conclusion as to which are the other two.
Both human characters have been played by experienced actors, so there isn't any fault in their performances. Of course, Sandra Bullock shines through and reminds me of character "Ripley" played by Sigourney Weaver in sci-fi horror flick "Alien".
And what can be set about the "space" where this movie is set in. You feel it around you. You feel its not Sandra who is up there, but you. You feel the mixed emotions that any space walker feels, the silence, the solitude, the amazement of looking at our blue planet and maybe the aching of going back home.
There are so many themes in this movie, maybe as homage, I am not sure, ranging from "Alien" to "Wall-E". Giving out more details will spoil the experience. But do look out for "baby in womb" thematic.
Anyway, the beauty of this movie is very well enhanced by the use of 3D at the right time, giving you the thrill of a space misadventure. There will be lots of "oh shit! No!" "damn! thats beautiful" "come on you can do it"
moments, you know them, sometimes referred to as "the edge of seat".
I don't know how many of you have seen it. But those who have missed it, have really missed a gem of a movie in which there is nothing wrong. All the technical aspects of this movie, be it sound, direction, narration, plot, dialogues, acting are just perfect. But put it all aside, its what makes you feel is what is more important. And Gravity makes you feel the pull, the pull of a magnificent space action drama, that should not be tied down to one specific schematic genre. "You need to learn to let go" ......

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Rajlakshmi said...

I haven't watched it yet :( ... I really need to grab a DVD soon