Tuesday, August 13, 2019


can it really help not sure about it
some say it heals bit by bit
the aching of heart is softened
longing of mind is shortened

does a dream really is the answer
to mind that is really fragile

chaos of colliding thoughts
trouble my hapless mind
heart weighs in its own agenda
putting my body through painful grind

had to drag me feet to the bed
nothing happens even with eyes closed
staring at meaningless shadows with despair
hoping something would bring an end

maybe I am dreaming it yet not believing
maybe its so lucid whatever I am dreaming
feels so vivid so real that it hurts
maybe someone can wake me up with nudge

is there a totem like they said in stories
that helps us tell apart whats unreal
I close my eyes, touch my cheeks
tears are still there and my heart beats weak

yes I am still living not dreaming
the nightmare that I call my life

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