Thursday, September 19, 2019


I had a dream, few days back. Like any other dream, the locations end up getting mashed up. But highlight was that I was in New York. And I was with one of my school classmates. Its not unusual that she should show up in my dream being the only girl from my class with whom I am loosely in touch with. (I saw loosely, because I absolutely suck at staying in touch with people)
Anyway, surprisingly there weren't any potter references. But actually it turned out I was about to cheat on my wife with her. And then the dream pulled wife in, and we all were at Time Square. Shit was slowly starting to make less and less sense. Few conversations later I am chasing my wife back in a temple in India. So yeah, nothing sensible happens in my dreams.

But its still better than having dreams within a dream. Yes, I do get those. I wake up, and think that was a dream. And soon I realize something is wrong and then I actually breakup. Dream within a dream.

On a rare occasion, I have managed to realize I am in a dream and tried to do ridiculous things I wouldn't do in real life. But that didn't happen again.

Most recurring theme, is going somewhere and then being unable to find a way out. Or loosing something or someone and not being able to find them.

I don't really give much thought to dreams, for me they are a manifestation of our over creative minds. Its just that usually I know why certain dream was triggered but sometimes I just can't place the reason.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Happy dreaming.

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