Sunday, October 30, 2011

Behind the Wordages

Thanks to Shomoita for the tag, check out her excellent blog >> , after reading through mine.

1.  What encouraged you to create your own blog and write the very first meaningful blog post?

Well I found out that my blogging began on Sunday, January 16, 2005. I tried blogging out of curiosity. Just to try it out, and use the only decent skill I have i.e. writing, and since then I am trying to write the best blog post ever. The operative word here being "trying". Anyway my first post was barely meaningful, it was verging more towards ridiculous. Well things have not exactly looked up since then. I have seen many of my friends start blogging and then give up, some even deleted their blogs. I can't think of such a thing. After 6 years of posting, I am emotionally attached to my blog. Even though I don't blog regularly, I am not giving up on it. As long as exists, this blog will survive. 

2.  Do you still have the same old reasons to blog or something new added up?  

Reasons are still the same. Just to write stuff. Of course, "stuff" doesn't equal literary genius.  And this stuff has evolved over the years, but it hasn't taken any concrete form. 

Well that's enough of introspection. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will post more regularly thanks to inspiration from all of my dear readers.

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Shomoita said...

Very candid reasons. Loved it!

Excellent blog? I'm honoured! Thanks a lot! :)